Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Luciana has arrived

Luciana has arrived and straight out of the wig cap her bangs were crazed.. Even after a spritz and a bobby pin and nothing... LOL
But I was sitting here trying to tame her bangs. William (my 8 year old) asked where his custom doll, Lil Will, was. I stated upstairs on the top shelf of the doll shelf. My 8 year old never goes upstairs on his own but he ran upstairs and some how got Will off the top shelf. Ran downstairs and was stripping the new Space Suit we got at our AG visit that he hadn't taken off of Will since we got home and he preferred the spacesuit over his new Lego's he got on the trip. I asked why he was taking off the Spacesuit. He said that Luciana needed it and he was going to put Lil Will in the Flight Suit LOL.. and then he grabbed her shipping box so they could go on their Mars Mission. I knew he'd love this NASA theme :)
ps. He also doesn't want to exchange Luciana for a tame one... because she's unique-- pray for me LOL

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Luciana Vega's Release in Nashville, TN

My family plus my nephew went to the release day for Luciana Vega at the American Girl boutique in Nashville. Ever since I heard about Luciana I was in love. We live near Huntsville, AL and we are very space oriented people. We love STEM. Then we heard Luciana's character goes to Space Camp in Huntsville. I knew it was meant to be. So Skylar and my 8 year old William, My husband and my nephew headed up to Nashville on the 1st. William has Autism and complex ADHD and there was no way he would be willing to wait in long lines.  Skylar and my nephew immediately took off to the bathrooms (nothing else was open) and we had a long journey behind us. Yes I am an adult collector and yes my children love American Girl too. So yes I was excited this the first doll where I would break my personal rules about what I'd buy... Of course I am willing to share my love of dolls with anyone no matter the age. There was a lady two people up from me in line. She was bragging about being from Huntsville as well and how her husband worked for NASA. Her daughter asked me excitedly if I knew what an item in her hand was. It was the sparkly bracelet to a new dress. I recognized it. So I started chatting the child up about the bracelet and what dress it came with and what dolls she had. Her mother rudely cut her off and said you can't educate her she already knows a lot about dolls. My thought was lady I wasn't trying to educate your child or vice versa I was just chatting with an excited little girl waiting a long time in a long line especially since my own kids had abandoned me. LOL I got the vibe of unwelcome conversation from her so I started speaking to the woman in between us who said she wanted to collect the Girl of the Year dolls from 2009. I asked her if she also lived in Huntsville and told them about a friend with the 2009 dolls and more. The NASA wife intruded on the conversation and said what does that lady do just buy to resell in a very snobby tone. She said does she even have kids? I said yes she has a daughter and she has her own dolls. Then she kept asking questions about this friends spending habits. I said I had no idea her intentions on why she bought so many items but that was trying to sell them now. She had a very snobby attitude about this adult collector/dealer/customer of AG friend of mine. Again I revert my attention back to the lady next to me in line and behind me. The NASA wife looked at me with her two Tenney dolls (one in a box she was going to return that may have been purchased at Kohls), and her daughter had two dolls in her arms and said we aren't collectors we just play with our dolls. Here I am holding my children's obviously played with dolls. One on a back pack and one in my arms. The more I thought about the bitterness of this lady just because she assumed my friend and I were collectors or dealers. What's wrong with that? Some people find it disturbing that adults play with dolls. I get that. My own step son finds my dolls creepy. He's entitled to his opinion. Don't assume you standing next to me that I am a dealer or collector. You don't know me. I am a collector though and my immediate family embraces it and my friends know who to call when they need doll stuff or advice. I just can't get over how bitter this woman is to me and the nerve of her bragging that her husband got a job at NASA just last month so they HAD to get Luciana if she could exchange Tenney. 

The crowd proved too much for William and his anxiety but Skylar and my nephew stayed with me in the store. We got the adorable free t-shirt, activity sheet and Space Suit. The catalog says its only limited to reward members till July 2018... no one seems to know after July will it be available to the general public or will it just be sold out by then. So I wasn't taking my chances and my son hasn't taken it off his doll since we got home. Every day he's building a new rocket for his doll to fly in.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

American Girl Contributors sought

I would like to do a blog featuring other bloggers. Specifically other bloggers and collectors of the Pleasant Company and American Girl doll collectors. I would like to feature pictures and facts on the different variations of dolls and their items... If you would like to contribute please contact me. Thank you! 

Holiday In Store Exclusive gowns

American Girl had In Store Only Exclusive gowns. This year its also available online.
Here are the following details...
The Merry and Bright Gown Set was released in 2013 and retired the same year. Retail Cost was $72

The Ruby Ball Gown Set was released in 2014 and archived in 2015. Retail cost was $72

The Frosted Violet Gown was released in 2015 and retired 2016 retail cost was $58

The Fancy Frost Ballgown was released in 2016 and retailed for $58
The Shimmering Ballroom Gown is available now online and in the store for $58

What does this terminology mean?

Newcomers to American girl are frequently asking some questions
So I'd thought I 'd share some examples

What are strings and what exactly do they do?
Sometimes (most) American Girl dolls and Gotz dolls are attached from their head to their torso with strings. The strings are there to hold the head on. Don't cut them. Just tuck them in the back of their outfits and it will be fine. American Girl goes through periods of also using a zip tie to keep the head attached. It might to deter people from customizing their dolls or it might be a cost saving measure. Here is a picture of Kaya and her neck strings.

Loose Limbs
It may be important to a collector or a child if the doll has loose limbs. Tightened limbs help with posing and help the doll stand. Dolls should be able to hold a Superman pose if held up by the torso.
This doll is pretty good at holding the Superman pose. If I remember correctly the Marie Grace dolls and Lindsey dolls are chronically loose.
This doll's legs flop down because her limbs are loose. It can be a pretty easy fix yourself or a simple trip to the American Girl doll hospital to remedy this problem.
I buy restringing kits here -
Then follow this video Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
You can prevent loose limbs by not leaving a doll in a sitting position. Don't ship them in a sitting position. :)

What are Shine Marks? 
Doll's vinyl has a matte finish so due to years of play, the oils on our skin, rubbing on the doll in any way can create a shine mark.
I don't think any of my dolls have a noticeable shine mark that will show up on camera.
but to give you an idea its just a shinier part of their vinyl than the rest.

some shine marks after years of play is to be expected. I always put that as a disclaimer when I sell a used doll.
If the shine mark is on their face and not on the face paint (blush, eye brows, lips) you can use micro mesh to smooth it out. You can also try and use a baking soda paste with a fine toothbrush to scrub away all the dirt. If its on the limbs you can use magic eraser, micro mesh, and or the baking soda paste.

Monday, October 30, 2017

American Girl product featured on toy box

American Girl Product Featured on Toy Box Anyone watch Toybox? It’s a TV show where toy inventors come on the show and Kids decide whether or not Mattel should develop their toy. I saw a toy I recognize. When my daughter first started collecting dolls we were looking at room ideas and doll house options... American Doll Room was one of those options. They tried to get in but the kids voted no 😞. I still think it’s an awesome option. I ended up finding one of these locally Here’s a link to watch the show

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Caroline’s journey

I responded to an ad on the Facebook Marketplace for American Girl horses. She responded that she sold the horses but had some dolls and a bed left. She messaged me the following pictures.
A bed with no bedding, a non AG doll, and a AG blonde doll. I said do you know who the blonde is? She said it’s Julie. I can sell you the doll and the bed for $30!!! I just scored two other dolls for $30. My husband wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t think he wanted to go back out. I said it’s Julie and a bed for $30! We don’t have Julie! He said oh ok we can leave right now. :o
I go pull $30 out of the bank account and meet the nice lady... I spot other dolls too... a Kaya and a Caroline. I said how much by chance are you selling the Kaya for? She said $10! I said oh my... I was bummed I just had the $30. I scrounged through my purse. I found $9... she said she’d take that. Ohmiluckiestdayever! I get home and Julie doesn’t have her meet. But I already had it. Her and Kaya look so nice and the bed belongs to Julie it’s complete too!!

 Well Caroline didn’t leave my head the rest of the week. I believe the next weekend I asked my husband if I bought Caroline from the lady could I just donate her to the library on our military base. He thought it was a nice idea. So I messaged the lady to see if she still had Caroline. She did I offered her more than $10 because I don’t feel right taking them for just $10. She said sure. So I went to pick Caroline up. She wasn’t as clean or taken care of as the other two dolls. So I took her home and began the long process of treating the marks on her face and hair.
I really thought I messed up after that huge splotch showed up. My AG friends reassured me that the oxy would just seep out of the vinyl and would be gone in a few days and they were right.



Today 3 weeks later I finally had her ready for the library.