Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our world of dolls

Our world of dolls... a child I loved my Cabbage Patches especially Ernie, I read the American Girl doll books, and I got one doll not American Girl when I was growing up that my grand mother had purchased. I have always loved to collect Barbies, Bears and toys in General. When Skylar was introduced to American Girl by her friend Kara I quickly wanted to make her American Girl dreams come true :)

Growing up my paternal grandmother in California collected dolls. Mostly porcelain dolls I think... I blame her for my doll bug. Growing up I loved my dolls. I got my first doll a Cabbage Patch Kid at the height of their fame when I was 3 years old from my grandfather. I remember being eager to read all of the American Girl doll books. My guardian decided to not invest in the $100 doll but my Grandmother sent me a similar doll called Lissi.
My first doll, a Cabbage Patch Kid, named Earnie

A picture from my childhood room about 16-17 years old. As you can see I have my Lissi doll on the left, a porcelain doll in the cabinet and my Olympic Cabbage Patch from when I went to the Olympics

I never got an American Girl as a child but I did read all of the books that were out at the time and bought any kind of merchandise I could at those good old fashioned book fairs. 

My daughter who was almost 9 at the time has a friend named K. K. has many of the American Girl dolls and my daughter started asking for them. The $100 price tag was still a little steep so I started looking on Craigslist and Ebay. My first outing on Ebay I would see dolls (that were what I realize now are Mini dolls) I would continuously ask the seller was the doll 18 inches like the standard American Girl doll. I eventually bid on what I thought was a doll but it was an $80 doll dress. A dress made for a doll! Thankfully I emailed the seller and she let me recant my bid. I ended up finding my daughters first doll on Craigslist for a much lower price On her 9th birthday she got her first doll. Whom she named Taylor. 
( look at that face!)

Then for her 10th birthday we asked her if she wanted to go to Georgia to visit her best friend or have a party. She couldn't decide so we planned a surprise party at the local Irish Dance school. The school had all of the kids sized matching costume, a doll sized craft and was teaching the girls dances from the different doll era's. As a present we gave Skylar the historical doll Felicity because that is the first book we read together. 

then after her birthday our collection kinda exploded at this point she had a Target knock off (which I still love and is no longer sold) she had gotten for Christmas 2011, Taylor and Felicity..

Christmas 2012

Santa brought 3 Madame Alexander dolls and American Girl Girl of the Year McKenna. Plus a little surprise that on January 1st she could go to Georgia to see her best friend and she didn't know it till we showed up but our first ever visit to American Girl Place Atlanta for the new doll's release.

from that point of 3 American Girl dolls till the most recent count we aquired now a total of 23 American Girl dolls (not including our Mini dolls)

All not pictured

I even got my own dolls now.. one of my childhood dream dolls.

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