Thursday, January 1, 2015

Girl of the Year 2015 ~ Grace

We aren't at the release this year (maybe next) but I woke up and looked at American Girl to look at the collection. I already had seen sneak peaks well before yesterday but I wanted to take a double look and I noticed a lot of comments about the price of the bakery, having two accessory sets, prices and the usual comments I see a lot this time of year.

Encase you haven't seen here is the picture of the new Grace...

I personally think she is adorable. I always love freckles and the people were getting tired of blonde GOTY (Saige was a red head?) I think she looks similar to two of my favorite other GOTY's Lindsey and Chrissa. I am not overly impressed with her meet its cute but nothing special. Grace's story is that she is a girl with an entrepreneurial spirit and she goes to visit France and at some point she opens up her own bakery. If you go to France do you really wear a Paris tee shirt? I love the consistent theme of bows and Tiffany blue. I noticed some changes apparently Isabelle's collection of buying separates didn't work or they just did that for Isabelle with the mix and match outfits. Also I am sad they did away with the Starter Collections. With the two accessory sets I wish they would let you choose with the doll which one you want. I think that would have been cool. There are plenty of matching girl outfits to match Grace as well. I am excited about this collection and this story! How about you? 

sorry for the blurry picture this is the traveling coat

The $500 Bakery. I don't complain about prices much. This is one of the most expensive items American Girl has made if not the most expensive. I have heard from my source its as big as Lanie's camper but since I haven't seen either I have no idea ha! It has over 60 accessories and if you've ever priced the food sets from American Girl you know why the price is $500 plus knowing American Girl the quality isn't cheap and cheesy.

Her adorable travel set.
There is the saying you can't please everyone in one day and today isn't your day.. I am a little perplexed on why the Bistro only has one chair.

I love they are giving money to charity or rather we are haha :) 
Apron dress...

Mixer set (how adorable!)

Her dog I think her name is Bon Bon I need to double check on that!

The France Accessory set

Opening Night dress.
Beautiful bakery cart

This is probably my favorite outfit of her collection. I might have to have it for Valentines Day *hint hint* So cute even though it doesn't have the Tiffany blue.

There are many more items on the website...

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