Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Skylars American Girl themed birthday

2 years ago October... I asked Skylar to decide between going to the American Girl store in Atlanta (an overnight trip) or would she like to have a party.. She couldn't decide and honestly between three adults schedules and a school schedule with finances all these factors having to sync at the same time the trip to Atlanta and to see our best friends didn't pan out.

So a local place here called the Fitness Arts Center which specializes in teaching Irish Dance (beautiful) hosts American Girl Birthdays. So Rick and I went and set everything up they made the invitations etc...

Previous to her birthday I didn't lead on that I had planned anything with Skylar. I told her she could pick her own birthday cake which she did from Baskin Robbins... Everyone was told in advance it was a surprise party...

The day of the event I had Rick take Skylar to go get her birthday cake and he drove around for awhile until I give the go-ahead...

For the big surprise!!

First we made a doll sized craft.

then we went into another room where we opened gifts and had cake... I made these mini AG cake toppers the ones with the pink circle had a sticker of different dolls in it :)

my friend Michelle made these mini and kid sized cupcakes with glitter!

Skylar got Felicity for her 2nd doll for her 10th birthday.

Then we went back to the front room and the school had a good bit of different made for girls American Girl costumes/ outfits to match their favorite characters... So they had a fashion show...
A as Lanie

Skylar dressed like her Felicity doll

E as Julie

and another Julie outfit

The the younger A & K in their dress up costumes

Then the teachers were supposed to teach dances from different American Girl eras and some popular dances it didn't quite work out but the party was loads of fun anyways

We ended up taking her to the American Girl store a little over two months after her birthday during Christmas break for the Saige release. Here is that blog here 

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  1. These cute kids melt my heart; they are so adorable! On my parent’s anniversary, that we were celebrating at Chicago venues and a 3-year-old toddler was just roaming around clueless in the party. Turned out he was one of the staff’s kid and somehow wandered into our party. I love kids, can’t wait to be a mom myself soon.