Saturday, September 12, 2015

my first experience restringing

On previous blogs I have talked about my 6 year old's son's doll Lil Will. One day we woke up and Lil' Will's leg had just snapped. I knew not to panic that many of my friends in the AG world had fixed this issue themselves so I thought it was a better time than any to learn to do it myself. Instead of hunting through Home Depot and Lowes for materials I decided to order them from Bravas International. My only thing is I ordered the restringing kit and next time I would order that and the bulk elastic cord for restringing as well because the strings that came with the kit were a bit short.

I didn't take a lot of pictures because things kinda happened out of order. I let Lil Will borrow one of my girls bodies in the mean time till supplies came in... so this is him unstuffed and ready on the make shift hospital bed William made him. This quickly became a family event too..
Skylar decided to help, Rick did the hair dryer to soften the vinyl and then we all worked together to tie the bungie and try to get the clamps on. 

The video on how to do this is in an older post

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