Sunday, July 23, 2017

How I display my dolls

I got Rebecca this month... So I thought I would update my picture (sorry its poorly). 
These are my GOTY girls and Historicals. 
I buy these shelves at or get similar shelves at thrift stores, consignment sales, and yard sales. (here's a link to the walmart shelves 
Top Shelf Lindsey, Mia, Gwen, Nicki, McKenna, Saige, Isabelle, Grace,  and Lea (Girl of the Year) Camille the Wellie Wisher on the end.
Second shelf is Samantha, Nellie, Emily, Molly, Ivy, Caroline, Marie Grace, and Cecile is hiding behind Rebecca.
Bottom is Kit, Ruthie, Felicity, Josefina, Kaya, Addy, and Rebecca... on the side are two Gotz dolls.
Those are my historical girls. My son's birthday and back to school are coming up as soon as I get past that I will order another shelf and stands and update my picture. Maybe try to do something with all the girls hair LOL .

My Just Like You, Logan, and my custom dolls.
Underneath them is my clothing storage. (to see how I store my clothes here * (

I need a better picture of my shelf that my bitty's on. The top shelf is my regular books, second shelf is the other books, then the bottom shelf is the magazines, catalogs and bigger publications, puzzles, games etc.
On the top shelf I have my other dolls (Play wonder, Our Generation, Journey Girl, and Magic Attic)
Second shelf is the my AG Megablox and  then Felicity, Penny and Patriot


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