Thursday, April 23, 2015

Show off Thread

These are my kids custom look a like dolls. I took a JLY and turned her into a him and made him my 5 year olds doll. He is wearing a Minecraft shirt because that's his owners favorite thing. The middle doll is one of my new ones I got this week. Months ago I bought Kirsten as a TLC and intended to fix her up and ended up damaging her more so I decided to keep her and turn her into a doll look a like for my oldest son. Tara hand painted his eyes since AG doesn't have an amber color and rewigged him. He is wearing a Transformer's shirt because his dad used to collect Transformers toys. Then my daughters look a like is a Marie-Grace with an ice swap and an updated part.. its still her original wig but her ringlets were flat ironed and her part was moved to the side. She is wearing a One Direction shirt since my daughter is 12 and is a total Directioner haha

The rest of our collection.. I need more shelves I think. Caroline just arrived today as I think she will be retiring at the end of the year... 

and our Bitty Babies and Mini dolls :) SOME of our Mini Dolls lol

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