Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Announcements from American Girl.

Typically on this blog I will stay away from rumors and gossip. I don't want the AG legal team hunting me down... Mattel I love you please don't hurt me LOL.

The first announcement...
bad news....
sad news...

The newest historical/ Beforever doll is now being archived. Beautiful Caroline released in 2012 will be archived later this year... Email updates have shown her world is already in limited quantities. I got her earlier last month from one of my American Girl friends. I was hoping to get a few more of her items when I visit the new Nashville store next month. Now I am worried they won't even get Caroline items. I am sorry I don't have many good pictures of my personal doll but here are the pictures I took after her release...

Personally I think she looks adorable in her girlie pink meet dress and her blonde goldie locks are to die for... but if she must go to introduce the newest Beforever character I am okay with that because I am so excited! If you asked me my three dream qualities or traits in an historical doll. I have always been obsessed with red hair, I love the 50's, and I am obsessed with planes.. any type of aircraft really. So knowing this is what I can expect from the newest girl Mary Ellen has me really anxious for the fall release! 

Here are some prototype pictures that have been floating around for awhile.. These are not officially released...

Other news.. An African American Historical will be coming next year! But that means there might be another retirement again..

The My American Girl line I refer to as Just Like You is being reintroduced as Truly Me.
dolls that are also rumored to be archived are 12, 28, or 38 but 3 new Truly Me dolls will be released. Typically they always release at least one that looks like the previous years Girl of the Year so it will be interesting to see if one looks like Isabelle from last year.
The new meet is this..
This was accidently leaked on the American Girl website! Its been fixed now.. hmm.
American Girl Wikia shows the book leaks and other screen shots here 

Are you sad to see Caroline go? Did you add her to your collection yet? What are your thoughts on Mary Ellen? How about the Truly Me outfit? Who's ready for Nashville to open? I decided to not go opening weekend that's my oldest son's birthday and I don't need to fight the crowds this time so June will be fine :)


  1. Hey! I like ur blog! Maryellen does not look like that! But she would look pretty!