Friday, June 19, 2015

Oooh sneak peaks!

I promised I would start to blog more and include some sneak peaks..  American Girl announced that they are revamping the beds. I am not in love with the new beds. I do love one of Grace's new outfits... I hope to get that soon (I still don't have Grace haha) I also love the Crock Pot, Monster Bride costume,  Josefina's new set, Addy's new set, and Kaya's new set... They give Rebecca way to much purple... and Julies items are getting to "Justice" color themed. Anyways check out the new Beforever and Truly Me items
Grace's items should already be on the American Girl Page.

The Signature Studio exclusively at NY, LA, & Chicago... Maybe if it is popular, they will expand it to more stores. These are more options:

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