Monday, August 24, 2015

Maryellen Sneak Peaks

Maryellen sneak peeks before her August 27th release
I am very excited for the release of Maryellen. I don't think she will be part of our family right away but she will be sooner rather than later. I usually can only afford the dolls that are retiring as I want to make sure I have them before they retire. I invested recently in a McKenna hoping to flip her or fix her up but she's not budging and its dragging me down so I was hoping I could get a Grace or Maryellen with the money instead I feel its wasted at least for now :/

It was originally rumored the story line of Maryellen revolves around the Amelia Earhart era so if this is true she will be a soon added doll to her collection. Plus her honey/strawberry blonde hair and pretty eyes oh and yes the 50's had a great decade for style am I right?

The book 1 synopsis says (on Amazon):
Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out, but in a family with five brothers and sisters it's easy to get lost in the shuffle! A painting mishap gains her some attention, but not the kind she's been longing for. Being invited to stay in at recess and practice her handwriting earns Maryellen a new friend, but what does that mean for her old friendships? Then, Maryellen is wishing for a white Christmas like the ones in the movies (not very likely in Florida!) Will she find a way to make her dream come true?

Here is a link to Lissie and Lily's sneak peek:

What do you think? Will Maryellen be part of your home?

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