Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Maryellen Larkin

I know I just shared a post about Maryellen but folks I am excited! She's such a pretty doll and one of my favorite eras! She comes out tomorrow but apparently the new American Girl Scottsdale Arizona store got her a day early and SOLD OUT! I know someone else who got a hold on one... Doll Diaries  and yes they are sponsoring a give away of the doll!

I don't have personal permission to share her pictures here so you will have to follow the link to Doll Diaries to see her beauty or go to the American Girl page tomorrow. Maryellen is a 1950's girl from sunny Florida. She's got strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful hazel eye color... Have I mentioned I love red heads in any form? I have already seen pictures of a sock hop dress, her dog, a DINER! a cute little capri set and an ice skating outfit. Her meet is so sweet and cute though.. Its got a beautiful striped sundress in pastel colors with a little shrug with an M on it in the true Laverne and Shirley style. (ohmy!)  I don't want to date myself or anything but I would hope most people know of that show from way back when! Her hair is swept up with strawberry blonde streaks of varied color and bright hazel eyes... I can't wait to have her of my very own!

Are you excited? Or are you Yay another Historical... boo bring on the 2016 Girl of the Year!
Whelp I am excited... Head over to Doll Diaries and enter.. What would you like from Maryellen's collection? Are you planning on adding the doll to your home? I am not keen on the name Maryellen and I don't know what to nickname her! eeek!

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