Monday, August 7, 2017

Molly's Journey Through Time

I am part of a great group on Facebook that is called American Girl Doll Obsessed BST
A fun photo contest they are having right now is Molly's Journey Through Time so as always I thought I'd share here. I take no credit for this and I don't guarantee I will have time to keep up with all of Molly's journey's but I thought I'd share with you today's picture.

Molly traveled through time and ended up on Samantha's lawn- IN HER BIRTHDAY SUIT 🙈
What will Samantha and Nellie pick out of their collections for Molly to wear today? What will they do before Molly has to go home? Share in the comments (or join the group and share there) your Molly wearing turn of the century fashion and share what the girls might do before its back to 1944 for Molly.
My Molly decided to show her girlie side and wear Samantha's birthday outfit. Of course she chose to keep her signature braids. We wouldn't want to get her and Samantha confused! They were already surprised how much alike they were. 

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