Tuesday, August 1, 2017

The Great Doll Mix Up

Samantha may look like Just Like You #13... I believe Samantha's hair may be darker and Samantha and Ivy are the only two dolls that have decal eyes..
I found an ad on Craigslist for Kit.. I drove several hours for the deal ;) Only to find out it was really Nellie.. Which I was happy about. Nellie has more strawberry blonde hair and a different face mold than Kit.. But I can't tell the differences in many face molds without a careful study so I would think most people can't. Both have freckles, both have blue eyes and a different shade of blonde :) 

Molly's twin or similar doll is Just like you #9.
Because Molly's sweet face comes in pig tails (not like she is in the picture) she has baby hairs going up the back of her wig cap to cover the wig cap when it is in its braided form. JLY 9 wouldn't have this. 

McKenna seems to be a very popular doll with girls. After her archival, mother's wanted to save a buck after her prices sky rocketed so they often asked who looks like McKenna?
Elizabeth and JLY 39 were popular choices. Elizabeth and McKenna share the same popular Josefina face mold. Elizabeth's hair is more true blonde while McKenna and #39 are more caramel. McKenna's eye brows are feathered like #39 while Elizabeth's are considered lined or straight. So I guess the preference is up to you :)

Addy's twin is Just like You #1
There are not very many differences but Addy has changed over time so there may be slight differences between the two dolls. Addy has had both feathered and straight brows, her complexion has changed color and her nose has gotten smaller. Addy comes with hoop earrings :)

Kirsten and her look a like Just Like You 3 have much in common with Molly and her look a like. Because Kirsten's hair comes in braids the tale tail sign that you have a Kirsten is by looking for those baby hairs going up the middle of her wig cap. A similar doll to #3 is #51 but her hair looks a tad shorter.

Josefina and Just Like You #66 has similar features. #66 has a modern side part whereas Josefina has a middle part

Ruthie looks similar to Just Like You #41 . Ruthie has gray eyes whereas July Like You #41 has green or hazel like eyes. I am sure the shade of hair is different slightly, but styled in a similar way with opposite parts.

Marisol's look a like is Just Like You #28
Marisol has longer wavy hair compared to Just Like You #28

Jess and Just Like You #30 look a like. Jess's features include a reddish tint to her hair and a zig zag part.

Girl of the Year Nicki's look a likes are Just Like You #23 and #33.

Photo Credit to : MissAG Ashlynn

Mia's Look a like is Just Like You #37
The differences between Mia and #37 is hair length, the part on Mia is a zig zag, and their freckle patterns may differ

Chrissa's look a likes could be Just Like You #23 and #60. #23 has lighter hair with freckles and a side part... Chrissa's part is middle. Just Like You #60 also has a side part. I also think Grace and Chrissa favor each other.

Again the great photo is credited to MissAG Ashlynn

Gabriella and Just Like You #46 are the exact same doll in different clothes

Some other similarities are with Saige and JLY #61 and #65.. As well as Felicity and 61.. there are just variation differences in eye color. Saige's hair is more of an Auburn than a Ginger..

Kanani and Lea are often a comparison... Here is the comparison video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wHz5bDBtSig

There are tons of comparison videos on youtube so if you just search there.. they can give you the if ands and buts to your dolls.

We will have to remember with the new customization tool coming out we can make almost any variation of doll we want with the exception of Marie Grace as her mold seems to be unique to her. When the tool is finally released as well as people customizing there will be a lot of copy cats out there that people might pass off as the original. 

What dolls do you think look a like?


  1. Very useful article! I get a lot of questions about which doll someone has bought on my AG blog. I like how you have some side by side comparisons to help identify which doll is which.

    1. Thanks can you post your blog link please?

  2. This is the most detailed article I have found on internet about AG doll 'twins'. Thank you! It is very useful.