Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Display

Every month Skylar and I have started a tradition of making a display near our front door. Our dolls don't get played with anymore so I make a display and my husband likes them and gives Skylar & I a chance to spend some quality time planning them. We usually base them around holidays and most of the dolls have birthday's so thats how we choose who is on display... Christmas we have a lot of Christmasy dresses for the dolls so there are multiple displays all over the house.. The one place they are always located is on top of the shoe organizer near the front door.

Here is McKenna decorating a Christmas Tree. (I am a sucky photographer and my Iphone sucks as a camera)

Just Like You #24 (Lily) and Lindsey (Goty 2001)

 photo IMG_1150.jpg
Bitty Twins (Autumn and Summer)
 photo IMG_1151.jpg
Nellie, (Samantha's dress is currently missing?, Cecile, Ruthie and Kit (ignore the messy Kitchen)
Molly and Emily.
Their story takes place during World War 2. Emily is an English  refugee and Molly's dad was deployed to serve in the war in Europe... For Christmas Molly's dad sent home a Red Cross nurse doll.

 photo rose-2.jpgLast years displays..


  1. Lindsey next to Baby Jesus? Lol! I need to send you one of our little driedles for her!

  2. Yes well she is there because of lack of better place LOL. I would love a dreidels.. I had two glass ones but I am pretty sure I sent those to my niece and nephew.. I still haven't seen her menorah either grrr

  3. I love the McKenna next to the tree. She's one of my favorites (and I'll have her someday!) Cute holiday display.