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Hair Care and Hot Water Dunks

Hot Water Dunk

Since A Hot Water Dunk was requested....Here it is!!

I want to add there are many ways to do it. I do many so I take the quick route but I will explain more - pictures might not show all detail.

Warning careful not to get the wig cap or eyes wet. Make sure that the wig cap is not drenched with any water or product. It can cause mold.

#1 Prepare Your Area : doll, towels, gentle shampoo of your choice or wig shampoo (some people use dawn dish soap or baby shampoo), foam rollers (dollar general) and I use John Frieda deep infusion (wig spray or braid spray works also- non oil variety)

#2 Wash Doll Hair: dust and dirt does collect on the hair, best to ensure clean fresh hair before condition and rolling.

#3 Hot Water: My tap water is hot enough, some boil and slightly cool. Dampen hair with the hot water but try not to soak wig cap with it for it will loosen the glue. Steam in the eyes can also damage eyes its best to keep them covered through the whole treatment. 

#4 towel dab hair so it is not dripping. Optional: Add conditioner/softener of your choice, comb thru hair.

#5 rollers: I purchase mine for $1. Either roll the hair for previous curl style or create your own. This will also curl straight hair. I make sure ends are in as much as possible. I poured the cooled boiled water over her hair to set the curlers then let them sit for 24 hours.

#6 Drying: This can be done many ways. Sun (if head is attached, cover body with towel so there is no fading) Air dry, or blow dryer on low heat. All work well with same results. I air/sun dry

#7 Styling: Once hair is dry, take out rollers and style the hair!

Other hints: You can let the steam from the boiling pot straighten the hair or if you have a flat iron with settings put it on the lowest setting or let it cool after being on and run through the dolls hair. Wigs are made of synthetic fibers and will burn so be careful nothing is TOO hot for the dolls.

Do not downy dunk it will cause gunk caught up in the wig cap and leaves a film like it does on your clothes. Over time it even breaks down the fibers in their hair.

Flatten bangs to the face or they will come out funky 

ALWAYS dampen when brushing with a small water bottle. ALWAYS use an American Girl brush, wig brush, a brand of brush called "Wet" brush, Boars hair brush and never use the dolls brush on your hair or your child's hair then back to using it as a doll brush. The oils and chemicals in our hair can damage their hair. 

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  • Feel free to add your suggestions or questions in the comments so I can continiously keep this updated!!

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