Monday, December 22, 2014

Hearing Aid's for Dolls & other special needs.

American Girl has been wonderful about providing special needs dolls and accessories for our special girls in our lives. They have a hearing aid for the the hard of hearing. Bald doll for those who might have hair loss from cancer treatments or Alopecia or what have you.. AG even saying they will place a wig when and if the child decided to do so. They have allergy free kits for those who have food allergies.. Just CUTENESS!

I have been in quite a few American Girl Facebook fan groups and there was a lady a few weeks ago asking to buy a doll with two cochlear implants. I am not even sure AG puts two in a doll but I for SURE haven't seen one on the resale pages... So I knew it was a far reach. Hopefully the person is reading and following my blog. I got something inexpensive you can do with any of your favorite 18 inch doll not just American Girl! Here is a tutorial on how to make your own hearing aid!

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  1. Hi,
    Just found and started reading your blog. Enjoying it so far, but was hoping you'd be willing to make a correction to the title and content of this post, regarding "special needs" dolls and their accessories, specifically the hearing aids.

    AG doesn't make a toy cochlear implant. They're hearing they go behind the ear and are totally contained there. CIs are held onto the back or side of the head by a magnet that has been implanted into the skull.

    Also, as a Hard of Hearing person, please understand that the term "hearing impaired" is seen as an insult. Those of us with hearing loss who would buy (or, in my case, make) hearing aids for our dolls do not generally view our hearing loss as an impairment. It is much more acceptable to be called Hard of Hearing.....heck, it's even more acceptable to be called Deaf!

    And hearing loss isn't traditionally seen as a "special need," as far as the medical terminology, though D/HH kids ARE grouped under Special Education in most school districts to allow the district to obtain funding that goes towards services such as Deaf Educators, Interpreters, Transliterators, Audiologists, etc.

    Just thought I'd point out some things, as this pertains to something I'm intimately connected to.

    Thanks. :)