Monday, December 8, 2014

Some of my favorite American Girl type business's

Getting married or have a special occasion? My friend Stephanie designed and made this beautiful dress for Skylar and her doll (see my header)

Kalli Alba Bridal Couture

My friend Laura made a Thanksgiving feast for my dolls. She is always making something creative!

Love Gymboree? Want your little girl and her doll to match? Check out Carols Obsession


At the NEACA craft show there was a couple of booths that made doll clothing and awesome furniture.. I went around collecting business cards to share with yall. This guy makes furniture solid wood and he is out of Hazel Green AL .. Billy and Becky Martin email them at tell them Bella from Bama Belle's Doll group sent you

Specializing in rescued American Girl and Gotz dolls, 18 inch doll clothes, accessories and repairs.
Bring Back the Magic....One Doll at a Time

Met this lady at NEACA craft show ... very nice

Debra Watson Ashworth l… and makes doll clothing, children's jewelry and hair bows 205.365.4320 or

Candy's Collection had by far the best doll clothes for all the sizes of dolls and some would even work for the boy dolls she doesn't have much info on the card she gave me but I KNOW she had a website on another card and she gave me her email last show.. her number is 901-335-3160 she's got beautiful clothes, shoes and sleeping bags.. 901-335-3160 a lot of collegiate wear and she's not local but I have seen her at the last two shows and I keep wanting one particular dress from her but never end up having enough cash

Reborn artists

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