Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Our Boys love AG too

William my five year old tends to copy his sister. I got to thinking maybe I would get him a boy doll. Well American Girl doesn't make boy dolls. A couple of lucky circumstances landed me with a TLC doll and a wig... Given advice from my AG friends and watched a youtube video.. I gathered supplies (non acetone fingernail polish remover, eye dropper, spoon, and E600 glue) and after a few hours of working on the wig I got it off and now for what I thought was the scary part... putting the wig on. My friends had me shaking in my boots. But it was easy... at least for a boy wig... and then came out Lil Will...

Sure enough William LOVES him.. He doesn't always get play but I am happy for it. William knows there is a doll there if he wants one and its ALL him.

Then I overheard Skylar say I want a blonde boy... I thought she wanted a boy doll too. She always would torture one of her dolls and pull back their hair and dress them in the worst outfit and she would say oh she is homeless or she is the boy. :x

+Beth Applegate  had a doll made for her son and then her son changed her mind so I jumped on the deal! Skylar ended up with the blonde boy -- except she meant a baby boy oops. Oh well Will is happy to have Carlo too! Carlo is a custom doll made by a friend named Tara.. look on the FAQ post for the link to her Facebook page. Oh and Skylar did end up getting a baby boy sooner or later haha.

Now I am saving money to get Tara to do another custom that looks like Mackenzie since I have look a like dolls for Skylar and William.. :)

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  1. How great that you are letting your son be just who he is. Nurturing and play are fine things. Cute boy dolls!