Friday, May 13, 2016

Show off Thread

I know I haven't updated the blog very much I don't even think I talked about Lea when she was released. We haven't bought her yet... its usually late Summer by the time I get the funds together to get the newest doll. I am excited also for Melody's release and I am still so in love with MaryEllen.
The other day in the middle of the night my husband heard our  6 cats being crazy fools and when he woke up there was a pile of dolls in front of my 28 year old step son's room. So either the cats bumped my shelves or James is playing with dolls haha. So I took the opportunity to straight everyone up. I know a few need outfit changes but I just haven't gotten around to organizing the outfit bins in awhile and that will make my OCD crazy. I recently bought two more shelves that need to be painted and hung and I need to order more stands but I thought I'd show you the most recent "family" photos... (Feel free to share your stuff in the comments or link me I'd love to see!)
The "Bitty Shelf" Yes those are Our Generation Target dolls too but for the price and adorableness I couldn't pass them up. Then there are the four Bitty Twins which will retire soon and Patriot one of Felicity's horses. The other horse Penny isn't pictured because she's just too big. I guess once the shelf is painted she can hang out on a shelf LOL.

"The Just Like You and Custom shelf" #27 wearing Rey Star Wars costume I call her Sheeran. #28 we named her Mariana, #7 is called Matilda, #24 is Lily, #13 is Charlie, The masked one is my custom Mackenzie doll (he looks like my oldest son) and the one wearing Minecraft is a custom to look like my youngest-- my boys

The "main shelves" I think I want these top shelves to be mainly GOTY. So once I have the two new ones hung I will move a few dolls over to the new shelves to make room for Isabelle who can move up to her place beside Saige and of course when Lea arrives in the fall. 
from left to right top to bottom- NIB Samantha, Play Wonder Emma, Felicity, Lindsey, Mia, Gwen, Nicki, McKenna, Saige, Grace, Samantha, Nellie, Molly, Emily, Kit, Ruthie, Isabelle aka Avril, Taylor, Addy, Ivy, Kaya, Caroline, Marie Grace, Cecile, and Carlo... and then there are all the mini's I can find and pets excluding Penny of course.

For Shelves I have bought 4 of these from Walmart I bought one at the Consignment which I work that was similar but I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby unfinished. MUCH cheaper than the Potty Barn ones.

I get the square stands from My Naval Exchange online so if your military affiliated that's the cheapest place to get them tax and ship free.They are American Girl Brand.

For Clothing storage I have another blog post about that but here is what I do except our cube storage is now a 4x4 cube shelf I think instead of the window seat (more dolls more STUFF)
So I found a picture like the first photo on Pinterest.. But then I thought what do I do with the crate (and some points of the year those crates are hard to find unless its BTS time) so I picked up a cube organizer like you can find at Target... I thought it would make a great window seat for DD's room (at least for her dolls and cat)... Then I picked up some of the canvas cube things you can typically get one for 7.99. I have one canvas cube for each (Historical, GOTY, JLY, Non AG clothes & customs, Bitty clothes, and custom boy clothes) Then I made a graphic of each outfit and some of them I even made a second one for a check list to tell me what was missing, what I was ISO, what I paid for it etc and a nice description of each item... printed them out on card stock and put one outfit per gallon zip lock bag with the "outfit card" and then stick them in the canvas cube thing as pictured... Now my nice cube organizer is holding all of them smile emoticon I have uploaded all the outfit cards to my photobucket account so you can print them out yourself and use them too! There are 6 pages here