Sunday, May 31, 2015

Doll update and yard sale finds-- show off thread

I need two more shelves one to put my other collectable dolls (Play Wonder and Magic attic) and for my Girl of the Year and Customs...
The main collection. I put my Truly Me dolls (formerly Just Like You) on the shelf since they won't be played with a whole lot... So on the top shelf is my Samantha, Lily (24), Marianna (28), Emma who is a Play Wonder doll, Felicity- she's in delicate condition :(, Charlie (13), Matilda (17), Taylor (22) and Isabella as Avril Lavigne. Then Ivy, McKenna, Gwen (she's new to us!) Molly, Emily, Ruthie, Kit, Kaya on the back row. Lindsey, Saige, with Marie- Grace behind her, Addy, Caroline, Cecile, Nellie and Samantha again.

my customs Lil Will, Mack, Carlo, and Jeanette.

my messy shelf with my other dolls and Bitty Twins..
This is just a picture where I keep their clothes organized and stuff. I am going to redo it soon probably with my wicker set and get rid of the wooden chair we will see. 

Now for the past couple of weeks I think I have found some great yard sale deals. I think the weekend before last I went to a yard sale and found a few TLC beds for a really irresistible price. My daughter won't play with the beds I don't think and I have already unassembled the doll house so I have no where to put them but to fix them up and keep them as collectors or give them to another girl to enjoy? We will have to see. 
Samantha's bed

a non AG dining set its missing a spoke but its not noticable if there is a doll using it :) Great for my Thanksgiving display don't you think?

Felicity's sampler I was told this was the best find like almost ever ;)

Moon and Stars trundle oops they had it with Samantha's bedding but SCORE :)

and Kit's bed.

Then after that last Thursday I found a Craigslist ad for another yard sale. I emailed my husband would we dare after the last one? YES we dared! I actually sold my Our Generation Camper and Kitchen to save money to go to Nashville for the grand opening this week of the new American Girl store but I asked ahead and they didn't have the retiring Caroline items I wanted... so I opted for this instead.... Kirsten's kittens, Molly's tap outfit, Nutmeg Julie's bunny, a birthday cake, Chrissa's picnic table and bench and beautiful Gwen! I so wanted to get more but I was restraining myself. I was pouting that Julie had a little more TLC than what I wanted for a collectors doll and Kirsten which was absolutely almost flawless but she was a newer version and I so want to get the Pleasant Company version where its truly from when I grew up and dreamed of owning her and Samantha. 

The doll beds may all need a little TLC, bedding or mattress which is okay by me since I know on our budget we couldn't hope for something nicer... So check your yard sale sites, check your bookoo, check your Craigslist and Freecycle once , twice and you will find dolls and other items within your budget like me!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Little Will visits space

We have a local publication called the North Alabama Kids Directory... They are nice enough to host giveaways on their Facebook page and I have won many :) yay for us.. Anyways we received tickets to the United States Space and Rocket center in Huntsville. The weeks leading up to before we went Zulily had a sale on 18 inch doll clothing and they had for sale a great little flight suit I had been eyeing for awhile on Pinterest and Ebay so I snagged it for William's doll or our collection in general. My husband then decided to use this four day weekend and go to the Space and Rocket Center so Will can go to space. Enjoy the pictures... I was too lazy to edit them LOL

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Announcements from American Girl.

Typically on this blog I will stay away from rumors and gossip. I don't want the AG legal team hunting me down... Mattel I love you please don't hurt me LOL.

The first announcement...
bad news....
sad news...

The newest historical/ Beforever doll is now being archived. Beautiful Caroline released in 2012 will be archived later this year... Email updates have shown her world is already in limited quantities. I got her earlier last month from one of my American Girl friends. I was hoping to get a few more of her items when I visit the new Nashville store next month. Now I am worried they won't even get Caroline items. I am sorry I don't have many good pictures of my personal doll but here are the pictures I took after her release...

Personally I think she looks adorable in her girlie pink meet dress and her blonde goldie locks are to die for... but if she must go to introduce the newest Beforever character I am okay with that because I am so excited! If you asked me my three dream qualities or traits in an historical doll. I have always been obsessed with red hair, I love the 50's, and I am obsessed with planes.. any type of aircraft really. So knowing this is what I can expect from the newest girl Mary Ellen has me really anxious for the fall release! 

Here are some prototype pictures that have been floating around for awhile.. These are not officially released...

Other news.. An African American Historical will be coming next year! But that means there might be another retirement again..

The My American Girl line I refer to as Just Like You is being reintroduced as Truly Me.
dolls that are also rumored to be archived are 12, 28, or 38 but 3 new Truly Me dolls will be released. Typically they always release at least one that looks like the previous years Girl of the Year so it will be interesting to see if one looks like Isabelle from last year.
The new meet is this..
This was accidently leaked on the American Girl website! Its been fixed now.. hmm.
American Girl Wikia shows the book leaks and other screen shots here 

Are you sad to see Caroline go? Did you add her to your collection yet? What are your thoughts on Mary Ellen? How about the Truly Me outfit? Who's ready for Nashville to open? I decided to not go opening weekend that's my oldest son's birthday and I don't need to fight the crowds this time so June will be fine :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Molly's Playground

Over the years being involved in the Facebook American Girl community I have met people and have networked with them or became friends with them. One of them a  talented lady named Tammara who is an awesome designer. I have quite a few pieces from her AG collection but you should see what she makes for her whole family! She is very creative! Check out her Etsy page here
Her Facebook here
She when time allows it is willing to try and do customs and she has costumes like many Disney designs,  Star Wars or Harry Potter...

So I decided to do this month's display with some of her creations I have bought.
Cecile is wearing a beautiful colorful My Little Pony shirt, I have Isabelle dressed up to look like Avril Lavigne, Little Will my son's doll has a Minecraft shirt on because my son loves Minecraft, Kit is wearing a cute kitty cat top and Carlo is sporting a skully long sleeve tee. They all look so cute!
I asked her to make this Planes top to also match my son that was one of his birthday gifts.

Tammara was great at helping me recreate Avril's looks so my Isabelle doll could look like her. She made her t-shirt and socks I collected the other pieces from groups, Etsy, and Ebay.

and the Minecraft tee looks like this.. Simple but fantastic. The stitching and detail on each of her pieces is awesome and professional. She has an attention to detail. The fit of the clothing is great the fabrics are heavy and of good quality. 

Take a look at her shop.. I wish I could buy more!