Saturday, September 12, 2015

Doll's first Sleepover

Big Will hasn't been able to sleepover anywhere because I can't be without mom that long.
Lil' Will got the opportunity last night when Chic-Fil-A hosted a Stuffed animal sleepover. You go for dinner and sign in your "friend"... They give you a letter your child can write to his or her friend and some coloring sheets... then you leave your friend at CFA and come back for breakfast with them. They had shared lots of pictures from what the friends did without us...

my first experience restringing

On previous blogs I have talked about my 6 year old's son's doll Lil Will. One day we woke up and Lil' Will's leg had just snapped. I knew not to panic that many of my friends in the AG world had fixed this issue themselves so I thought it was a better time than any to learn to do it myself. Instead of hunting through Home Depot and Lowes for materials I decided to order them from Bravas International. My only thing is I ordered the restringing kit and next time I would order that and the bulk elastic cord for restringing as well because the strings that came with the kit were a bit short.

I didn't take a lot of pictures because things kinda happened out of order. I let Lil Will borrow one of my girls bodies in the mean time till supplies came in... so this is him unstuffed and ready on the make shift hospital bed William made him. This quickly became a family event too..
Skylar decided to help, Rick did the hair dryer to soften the vinyl and then we all worked together to tie the bungie and try to get the clamps on. 

The video on how to do this is in an older post

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our fabulous boy dolls




Carlo, Mackenzie, Will, and Cole

I have three 18 inch boy dolls and 1 15 inch Bitty Twin.
American Girl makes and sells the boy twins but not in the 18 inch doll.

I have gotten so many questions about my boy dolls and didn't realize I didn't have that many answers in my blog. To find a doll to remake I prefer the old Pre-Mattel dolls that their face paint has been a bit duller after their longer life (so boys don't have such rosey cheeks and red lips!). I also prefer to have feathered eye brows rather than straight eye brows. (Is your boy a metrosexual? LOL) 
Other that you don't have to change anything. I don't unstuff them to reshape their body... Some may choose to tighten limbs on their own if needed, Some do fill in eye brows or change face paint in some way or even paint their eyes.. These are all skills in which I haven't mastered... I did master (sorta) the rewigging. Lil Will was my custom doll I made for my son. I got an old brunette JLY (she had no eye brows or make up) and rewigged with a boy wig I bought from Tara.  Every once in awhile she will ask I really like that wig where did you get it? I am like YOU! So no one remembers what store it came from oh well. Tara made the custom blonde boy he's had a haircut. The middle one is an extra special custom doll because my oldest son has a unique eye color so I had her paint his eye color on a pair of eyes that had what they call Silver eye and rewig him from his old beaten up choppy Kirsten wig. I really need better pictures of him.
Our own boy doll group-

If you want to have your own boy...

You can buy him... (I will update these links)
Twice Loved Dolls
Gramcats Closet
My Girl Clothing Coheir
American Girl Customs
Forever Friends Dolls

Or you can make him yourself...
If you have haircutting skills you can try your hand at a haircut but I prefer the look of the rewig.
You can find your wigs from Ebay to the Facebook groups specializing in American Girl dolls there is even a group for BOY dolls. You need a size 10-11 wig so if your looking on Etsy or Ebay thats the size you will need. I believe Modacrylic would be the type of wig that is suggested.
Here are some links for wigs below 
 Bava's International seems to have anything you need for your dolls
Ruby Red Galleria
Audrey Dolls



Other boy dolls
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Gotz (Pottery Barn Kids)
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