Sunday, November 5, 2017

American Girl Contributors sought

I would like to do a blog featuring other bloggers. Specifically other bloggers and collectors of the Pleasant Company and American Girl doll collectors. I would like to feature pictures and facts on the different variations of dolls and their items... If you would like to contribute please contact me. Thank you! 

Holiday In Store Exclusive gowns

American Girl had In Store Only Exclusive gowns. This year its also available online.
Here are the following details...
The Merry and Bright Gown Set was released in 2013 and retired the same year. Retail Cost was $72

The Ruby Ball Gown Set was released in 2014 and archived in 2015. Retail cost was $72

The Frosted Violet Gown was released in 2015 and retired 2016 retail cost was $58

The Fancy Frost Ballgown was released in 2016 and retailed for $58
The Shimmering Ballroom Gown is available now online and in the store for $58

What does this terminology mean?

Newcomers to American girl are frequently asking some questions
So I'd thought I 'd share some examples

What are strings and what exactly do they do?
Sometimes (most) American Girl dolls and Gotz dolls are attached from their head to their torso with strings. The strings are there to hold the head on. Don't cut them. Just tuck them in the back of their outfits and it will be fine. American Girl goes through periods of also using a zip tie to keep the head attached. It might to deter people from customizing their dolls or it might be a cost saving measure. Here is a picture of Kaya and her neck strings.

Loose Limbs
It may be important to a collector or a child if the doll has loose limbs. Tightened limbs help with posing and help the doll stand. Dolls should be able to hold a Superman pose if held up by the torso.
This doll is pretty good at holding the Superman pose. If I remember correctly the Marie Grace dolls and Lindsey dolls are chronically loose.
This doll's legs flop down because her limbs are loose. It can be a pretty easy fix yourself or a simple trip to the American Girl doll hospital to remedy this problem.
I buy restringing kits here -
Then follow this video Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
You can prevent loose limbs by not leaving a doll in a sitting position. Don't ship them in a sitting position. :)

What are Shine Marks? 
Doll's vinyl has a matte finish so due to years of play, the oils on our skin, rubbing on the doll in any way can create a shine mark.
I don't think any of my dolls have a noticeable shine mark that will show up on camera.
but to give you an idea its just a shinier part of their vinyl than the rest.

some shine marks after years of play is to be expected. I always put that as a disclaimer when I sell a used doll.
If the shine mark is on their face and not on the face paint (blush, eye brows, lips) you can use micro mesh to smooth it out. You can also try and use a baking soda paste with a fine toothbrush to scrub away all the dirt. If its on the limbs you can use magic eraser, micro mesh, and or the baking soda paste.