Sunday, January 13, 2019

My Doll's and Storage

I started to get very annoyed with the doll situation here. We have over 50 dolls and there just isn't room for many more (good thing we are almost done). I was going up to the doll area and was trying to think what to do differently. One of my cube storage things is bigger than the other. One can hold 13" cubes. the other holds 11" cubes.. At this point I have three canvas storage bins aka cubes of nothing but historical clothes and they are PACKED. So I decide to see if the 13" cubes will hold more so I can narrow it down so I go up to the doll area and think it makes more sense and will look better if the doll clothes are in the main area with the majority of the dolls. So hubby helped me brain storm. We cleaned out a  linen closet we never use. We clean off the train table that has collected Lego's and cleaned off a book shelf of books my children have outgrown and we arrange the Lego's (for my husband and son) and the doll furniture and smaller items that aren't clothes. I started sorting the clothes and making sure everything has a bag (one outfit per gallon zip lock bag plus and identifying picture and description). Then put them in the correct labeled storage bin. Every category has their own design (too bad stores are lacking in designs for this size).          I still need to get the step ladder from Skylar and she can help me clean up the GOTY shelf.

I really wish the twins had a nice stand.

(If you look at this picture can you see who is missing?
Its not Luciana, Marisol, Tenney, Z, or Logan- They are in the picture above this one)