Sunday, November 5, 2017

American Girl Contributors sought

I would like to do a blog featuring other bloggers. Specifically other bloggers and collectors of the Pleasant Company and American Girl doll collectors. I would like to feature pictures and facts on the different variations of dolls and their items... If you would like to contribute please contact me. Thank you! 

Holiday In Store Exclusive gowns

American Girl had In Store Only Exclusive gowns. This year its also available online.
Here are the following details...
The Merry and Bright Gown Set was released in 2013 and retired the same year. Retail Cost was $72

The Ruby Ball Gown Set was released in 2014 and archived in 2015. Retail cost was $72

The Frosted Violet Gown was released in 2015 and retired 2016 retail cost was $58

The Fancy Frost Ballgown was released in 2016 and retailed for $58
The Shimmering Ballroom Gown is available now online and in the store for $58

What does this terminology mean?

Newcomers to American girl are frequently asking some questions
So I'd thought I 'd share some examples

What are strings and what exactly do they do?
Sometimes (most) American Girl dolls and Gotz dolls are attached from their head to their torso with strings. The strings are there to hold the head on. Don't cut them. Just tuck them in the back of their outfits and it will be fine. American Girl goes through periods of also using a zip tie to keep the head attached. It might to deter people from customizing their dolls or it might be a cost saving measure. Here is a picture of Kaya and her neck strings.

Loose Limbs
It may be important to a collector or a child if the doll has loose limbs. Tightened limbs help with posing and help the doll stand. Dolls should be able to hold a Superman pose if held up by the torso.
This doll is pretty good at holding the Superman pose. If I remember correctly the Marie Grace dolls and Lindsey dolls are chronically loose.
This doll's legs flop down because her limbs are loose. It can be a pretty easy fix yourself or a simple trip to the American Girl doll hospital to remedy this problem.
I buy restringing kits here -
Then follow this video Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
You can prevent loose limbs by not leaving a doll in a sitting position. Don't ship them in a sitting position. :)

What are Shine Marks? 
Doll's vinyl has a matte finish so due to years of play, the oils on our skin, rubbing on the doll in any way can create a shine mark.
I don't think any of my dolls have a noticeable shine mark that will show up on camera.
but to give you an idea its just a shinier part of their vinyl than the rest.

some shine marks after years of play is to be expected. I always put that as a disclaimer when I sell a used doll.
If the shine mark is on their face and not on the face paint (blush, eye brows, lips) you can use micro mesh to smooth it out. You can also try and use a baking soda paste with a fine toothbrush to scrub away all the dirt. If its on the limbs you can use magic eraser, micro mesh, and or the baking soda paste.

Monday, October 30, 2017

American Girl product featured on toy box

American Girl Product Featured on Toy Box Anyone watch Toybox? It’s a TV show where toy inventors come on the show and Kids decide whether or not Mattel should develop their toy. I saw a toy I recognize. When my daughter first started collecting dolls we were looking at room ideas and doll house options... American Doll Room was one of those options. They tried to get in but the kids voted no 😞. I still think it’s an awesome option. I ended up finding one of these locally Here’s a link to watch the show

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Caroline’s journey

I responded to an ad on the Facebook Marketplace for American Girl horses. She responded that she sold the horses but had some dolls and a bed left. She messaged me the following pictures.
A bed with no bedding, a non AG doll, and a AG blonde doll. I said do you know who the blonde is? She said it’s Julie. I can sell you the doll and the bed for $30!!! I just scored two other dolls for $30. My husband wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t think he wanted to go back out. I said it’s Julie and a bed for $30! We don’t have Julie! He said oh ok we can leave right now. :o
I go pull $30 out of the bank account and meet the nice lady... I spot other dolls too... a Kaya and a Caroline. I said how much by chance are you selling the Kaya for? She said $10! I said oh my... I was bummed I just had the $30. I scrounged through my purse. I found $9... she said she’d take that. Ohmiluckiestdayever! I get home and Julie doesn’t have her meet. But I already had it. Her and Kaya look so nice and the bed belongs to Julie it’s complete too!!

 Well Caroline didn’t leave my head the rest of the week. I believe the next weekend I asked my husband if I bought Caroline from the lady could I just donate her to the library on our military base. He thought it was a nice idea. So I messaged the lady to see if she still had Caroline. She did I offered her more than $10 because I don’t feel right taking them for just $10. She said sure. So I went to pick Caroline up. She wasn’t as clean or taken care of as the other two dolls. So I took her home and began the long process of treating the marks on her face and hair.
I really thought I messed up after that huge splotch showed up. My AG friends reassured me that the oxy would just seep out of the vinyl and would be gone in a few days and they were right.



Today 3 weeks later I finally had her ready for the library.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Doll Bio- Kaya

About this doll:
OUR BACKGROUND: my daughter got Kaya for Easter 2013 we have a lot of Native in our background

Her story: Kaya is a Native American and in her story she learns about respect, responsibility, and tradition.

# classic historical 
Bought where
When 2013

Siblings: 2 sisters and twin brothers
Pets: she has horses and a wolf 


Favorite Color: black
Hobbies: riding
Likes and dislikes she dislikes the name magpie

3 words to describe my doll

Brave, respectful, graceful

Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Luckiest American Girl Day so far...

Every week I try to at least check Craigslist on Thursdays for new AG ads or to see if there are any AG yard sales. I have an alert that goes to my email too. That goes for all the local yard sale Facebook groups I am in too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The Facebook Marketplace doesn't even work on my profile so I have to check someone else's. Well I saw a random ad for a yard sale with this picture....

I spot the dolls in the chair.. I knew one could be Rebecca if my eyes weren't deceiving me as I recognized the purple dress but I could be way off. I commented on the post.. I said what kind of dolls are those? He said My American Girl dolls. :o
So I wait on my daughter to get out of the shower and jump in the car and drive twenty minutes knowing that they are either two expensive (I'm pretty broke) or they will be gone. I get there and its Rebecca and #27 for $15 a piece! YAY They look pretty good for $15!

Well at home and bored because I haven't been feeling well so I check the Facebook market place and I see an ad for American Girl Horses... I have been looking for Kaya's horse Steps High since she just retired and her price already sky rocketed.
So here was a picture from the ad... No dolls.... horses, a human sized desk, and a human set of wicker chairs..

I messaged the seller asking about the horses. She said sorry they are gone. Then she sends me a picture of a non AG doll, a blonde AG doll, and a bed without bedding...She said I have these dolls though.. I asked cautiously about the blonde doll if she knew who she was or anything about her? She said Julie (Julie was one I didn't have).. So I get excited and she said she wants $30 for Julie and the bed! Now I am really excited. My husband just shakes his head and said you just GOT two dolls. He was exhausted and not feeling well as well so I didn't think he'd jump at it plus we are stressed over money. I said well she wants $30 for Julie and the bed. He said okay we can be there within an hour... So again we drive 30 minutes on the other side of town for Julie and this bed. I get there the bed has all the bedding and Julie looks great. She also has Kaya and Caroline as well. I said well how much did you want for Kaya? She said $10... I was like wahhhh. I pulled out some loose ones I had $9 she said I'll take it. YOU'VE got to be kidding me! 
Two times yesterday, Two random sellers/ yard sales, No AG dolls mentioned in either ad and I get 4 dolls under $50 plus a bed!! Julie's bed!

I wish I had a few more bucks to grab Caroline and gift her to a little girl... maybe if she is still there this week LOL I can find a little cash... shh don't tell my husband LOL

Julie had a tiny mark on her nose I got off with a magic eraser, brushed out her hair and it looks fine, I brushed out Kaya's hair both of them have tight limbs and no major flaws for $39!

Our ISO's and Wish List

Our AG Wish List

**Note we aren't currently in the market for a whole lot this is our ISOs and wish list.

Skylar's "want" doll list will be   a TLC doll or another boy, Gray eyed doll or Ruthie, 
My "want" doll list is Kirsten (PC MINT/EUC in original braids),
(a Green Eyed or Blue Eyed TLC doll to make into a boy :)

If you aren't collector savvy you can always use this link as a point of reference to see what something looks like however it is not good for checking values of things. Any doll under $80 in EUC or GUC is good. Any doll under $50 in GUC or UC is Great... anything less than that snag for me even if she needs a little TLC! If you see something on Craigslist that might interest me or a yard sale site just let me know and I can certainly set up payment arrangements by mailing you paypal funds and have you ship it for me or perhaps the seller will ship. We also collect certain My Twinn dolls and Magic Attic dolls....Use this website for reference:: 

Bitty Twin Girl (Blonde and Brunette ) Names are Summer and Autumn , Bitty Twin Boy (Blonde) his name is Cole, Asian boy named Ari.
GOTY -Lindsey, Marisol,  Nicki, Mia, Chrissa, Gwen, Sonali, Kanani, McKenna, Saige, Isabelle, Grace, Lea, Gabriela, and Luciana. We are missing Jess
Historicals =Kaya, Felicity x2, Elizabeth x2, Caroline, Josefina, Cecile, Marie Grace, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha x2, Nellie, Kit, Ruthie,  Rebecca x2, Molly, Emily, MaryEllen, Melody, Julie, and Ivy. The only historical I am missing as of when I wrote this on 1/14/2018 is Nanea
Contemporary doll- Logan, Tenney, and Suzie ("Z")
 Just like you Dolls - JLY Blonde with blue eyes #3 (Star), JLY Brunette with Blue eyes (Charlie #13 with the pie-bangs (not revised)) we also have one with brown eyes (Matilda is a #7), #20, #21,  JLY Blonde with Blue eyes (Taylor is #22 x2), #28 whose name is Mariana and #24 whose name is Lily, and #27 x2  whom I called temporarily Sheeran because I haven't decided whether to customize her or what, #51 Scarlett.  #42 Destiny : #44 Jade, 
Historical and GOTY dolls we are missing... Marisol, Jess, Nanea

MY Wish List
 (or ISO's depending on my budget at any given moment)

Kaya (she joined us in March 2013)
Book #5
Steps High (her horse)
Sparks Flying
Kaya's other animals
Pow Wow Dress
Doll and Cradleboard
Kaya's Accessories plus the list below

  • hair shells
  • leather hair ties
Kaya Mini doll

Felicity Merriman & Elizabeth Cole (Felicity joined our family first in 2012 and again in the summer of 2017) Elizabeth joined us in 2017

Elizabeth 18 inch doll
Felicity Meet shoes, shift, meet socks (Off-white woolen stockings), hair ribbon, garters, round eared cap, floral choker
Elizabeth's meet stockings, hair ribbon, shift, 
Mini dolls
Traveling Dress
Christmas Dress accessories like choker, shoes, pinner cap
Felicity's Gala Gown
Felicity's baby and carriage (Polly)
Felicity's Accessories (any)
Spring Pinner Gown (or just the pinner and smaller pieces I have the tulip gown)
Mini Felicity and Elizabeth
Patriot and Penny's Accessories
Their dolls
Town Fair Outfit
Riding Breeches and Hat
Posie the Lamb

Caroline Abbott
Caroline mini doll
Spencer and Hat
Party Gown

Josefina Montoya (joined us in 2016)
Book 6
Her accessories
Her Beforever meet
The Nina Doll
Indigo Skirt and Camisa (the school outfit)
Josefina's Navidad Outfit
Josefina's Festival Outfit
Feast Day Finery
baby goat
a day of the dead mask to fit her and maybe a dress (or a mask I could paint myself)

Cécile Rey and Marie-Grace Gardner
They joined our family in 2012-2013
MG and Cecile book 2?
Mini dolls
Marie-Grace's Pantalette's, Hair Ribbons, and stockings and boots to her meet outfit
Cecile's Pantalettes, stockings and boots to her meet outfit
Their books except the meet books
Cecile's parlor outfit
Cecile's parrot and games
Marie Grace's Party Outfit skirt
Marie Grace's summer outfit
The Fancy dress and accessories

Kirsten Larson (joined our family 10/30)
18 inch Pre Mattel doll with braids in the original style near mint
18 inch doll under $50 in good condition
Mini doll
Accessories as well as her stockings, boots, hair ribbons, and pantalette's to her meet outfit.
St Lucia Gown and Wreath
Kirsten's doll
Apron Dress & Daisy Wreath
Kirsten's cats
Kirsten's baking outfit

Addy Walker (joined us before 2014)
books 3, 5,
Mini Doll
Accessories including her drawers, stockings, pantalettes, boots and hair ribbons to one or both of her meet outfits
Tartan Plaid Christmas Dress
Patriotic Party Dress
Cape Island Dress
Songbird and sweets

Samantha Parkington and Nellie O'Malley
(joined us in 2013)

Amber eyed Samantha doll
Mini Dolls
Beforever Meet
Bloomers, stockings, shoes and a hair bow to her classic meet
Nellie's hair ribbons, bloomers, stockings, and shoes to her meet.
Accessories sets
Samantha's Stereoscope
Nellie's Doll
The Circlet to the Lacy Pinafore and Rosebud outfit
Hard Back books
Wicker Table and Chairs
Gaiters to her Plaid Cape
Elegant hat and muff
Lacy Whites
Samantha's trunk
Ribbons for Samantha
Central Park Sleigh
Jip the dog
Nellie's Irish Outfit
Samantha's Velvet Dress
Samantha's beforever Christmas dress

Rebecca Rubin (joined us in 2017)
Books 4 & 5
Beforever Mini Doll Beforever or Special Edition
Rebecca classic meet stockings, shoes, bloomers, and hair clip.
Accessory Sets
Beforever (black tights, white bloomers
matching shoes and barrette)
Hanukkah Dress
Either of Rebecca's Menorahs or dreidels
Rebecca's Holiday Outfit
Butterfly Costume
Lace Dress

Kit Kittredge and Ruthie Smithens (joined us in 2013)

Kit's classic meet bloomers and sandals
Ruthie's bloomers, hair bow, shoes, and socks to her meet outfit
Kit's beforever outfit and accessories
Kit's Birthday Dress and Headband
Overalls outfit
work boots
Kits bedding
Kits scooter outfit
Kits Tree House
Ruthie's Accessories
Ruthie's Pajamas
Kits stocking
Kits beforever Christmas outfit
Mini Golf Outfit
Red Sweater from Costco exclusive
Kits scotty pin for her dress

Nanea Mitchell
18 inch doll
mini doll
Holoku Dress

Molly McIntyre and Emily Bennett (joined us before 2013)
Books 5, and 6
Molly's classic meet socks, shoes (PM wider shoes), hair ribbons, glasses, and underwear (PM)...
Emily needs socks, shoes, underpants to her meet outfit
Molly's Hula Costume or Halloween Outfit
Molly's Stocking
Molly's birthday crown and socks
Yank (dog)
Miss Victory Outfit
Slippers to her blue robe (red slippers)
Molly's Trunk
Molly's classic brown oxford shoes
aviator outfit pants and scarf
Emily's Two- Piece Swimsuit
Red Cross Doll
Pre-Mattel Shoes

Maryellen Larkin (joined us Christmas 2017)
18 inch doll
Mini doll
books except meet book
Maryellen's Accessories
Maryellen's Christmas party outfit
Holiday cookie set
Poodle Skirt
Birthday Dress

Melody Ellison (joined us 2017)
18 inch doll
Melody meet socks
Mini doll
Birthday Outfit
Melody's dog Bo
Christmas Outfit
Fancy Floral Dress
Melody's Hair styling set

Julie Albright and Ivy Ling (Ivy joined us in 2014 Julie in 2017)
Julie's classic meet belt, shoes, and undies
Julie's Beforever Meet and Accessory Set
Julie's beforever Mini doll
Ivy's Accessories (just the coin)
Julie's Bunny or the basket and carrot
Julie's Christmas Outfit (the white top)
Julie's Beforever Holiday Outfit
Julie's Casual Outfit
Julie's walking dogs (the chihuahua)
Julie's Car Wash
Julie's Birthday Dress
Julie's Calico Outfit

Lindsey Bergman (joined us in 2013)
Always looking for an extra set of gloves
Lindsey's white underwear

Marisol Luna
Marisol joined us 9/2018
Spotlight Outfit
Spotlight Stage
Pink Boa
Leg Warmers

Jess McConnell
18 inch doll
Jess's Monkey

Nicki Fleming (Joined us in 2015)
Nicki's Meet Outfit undies
Nicki's meet book
Nicki's Tie top and Shorts (or just the shorts)

Mia St. Clair (Joined us in 2015)
Mia's Meet Book

Chrissa Maxwell, Gwen Thompson, and Sonali Matthews
(Gwen joined us in 2015) Chrissa joined us in 2017 Sonali joined us 9/2018
Chrissa 18 inch doll
Sonali 18 inch doll
Chrissa's Sundress
Chrissa's Llama

Lanie Holland
Lanie joined us 9/2018
18 inch doll
Raccoon and can set
Lanie's Nature Set
Lanie's accessories

Kanani Akina
18 inch doll
Book meet
Lu'au Set

McKenna Brooks (joined us in 2012)
Book: Ready to Fly
Fancy Outfit
School Outfit

Saige Copeland (joined us in 2013)
Saige's Pajamas
Saige's Dog
Hot Air Balloon
Picnic Set

Isabelle Palmer (Joined us in 2014)
 Isabelle's Dance Case 
   Isabelle's Dance Skirt '
 Isabelle's Practice Top 
Isabelle's Purple Leotard 
Isabelle's Rosette Leotard 
  Isabelle's Performance Set 
Isabelle's Metallic Dress  
Isabelle's Pajamas
Isabelle's promo item

Grace Thomas (joined us in 2015)
Books 2 and 3
Grace Mini Doll
Grace's Release Apron (promo item)
Grace's Opening Night Outfit
Grace's baking outfit

Lea Clark (joined us in 2016)
Mini doll
Books 2 & 3
Lea's Animals
celebration outfit
promo item

Gabriela McBride (joined us on Christmas 2017)
18inch doll
celebration dress
Promo item

Luciana Vega
18 inch doll
Luciana's Flight Suit Luciana's PJs Luciana's Stellar Outfit Luciana's Accessories Luciana's Mars Habitat Luciana's Maker Station Luciana's Telescope Projector Set Luciana's Robotic Dog Luciana's Visitor Center Accessories

Contemporary Doll Line
Tenney Grant
18 inch doll
Sparkling Performance Outfit
Spotlight Outfit
Tenney's dog
Tenney's Tour Bundle
Tenney's Onstage Bundle
Tenney's Pre-Show Bundle
Tenney's show shoes
Tenney's concert tee
Tenney's Sparkly shoes
Tenney's Music Cartridge Set
Tenney's Stage and Dressing Room

Logan Everett (joined our family in 2017)
Performance Outfit
Rhythmic Drum Set

Z Yang
18 inch doll
Filming accessories
Z's dog

Bitty Twin/Bitty Baby
15 inch Brunette boy
Aqua Argyle (2 girl meet outfits)
Kitty Lovie
Bitty Chocolate Cherry Coat and Hat 
Bitty Chocolate Cherry Cardigan and Skirt Set
Plaid and Denim Meets (boy and 1 girl)
 american girl bitty twin astronaut
Wings & Things Costume Set-

Bitty Kitty PJs-

Just Like You/ My American Girl/ Truly Me
Wooden Stands or White Square Stands
JLY dolls #21, #46, #53,  #55, #57, #58, #61
AG curlers
Flapper Dress
Irish Dance Dress* should also go under Samantha
Talent Show
Hanukkah Outfit (96-99)
suitable boy clothes
Cat Costume (I need gloves, face mask, tights, and shoes)
Photographer Outfit (shoes and book?)
Extra Skateboard to customize :)
White Daybed's bedding
basic dress shoes
plain t-shirts
Sweet Treats Lemonade and Rootbeer.
 Snow Much Fun Set 
Silver-Print Cat Tee
Kitty Cat from 1998

Mini Doll and Lumina Room Boxes
Custom doll items
(see the above for the Historical Mini's)
Mini Display shelf and stands

Non AG Items
Custom AG Hunger Games, Star Wars, Phantom of the Opera, Frozen (Kristoff, Ana, and Elsa) & Titanic items
fish net tights
Harley Quinn Wig that fits the doll
Scarlett O'Hara dress
Custom Ed Sheeran Doll (with Logan or Tennely Arms?)
OG Scotty Dog Laptop and bag
ACU (Army Combat Uniform)
Christmas clothes for my AG boys
Boys underwear for my AG boys
replica Peter Rabbit coat
Hippy or Native American Inspired Shirt Dress (see comments for picture)
High top Converse
Items for my custom Avril
*hand painted Skateboard AG sized.
*I have an Avril tee but perhaps a slouchy tee with lace tank top from
Peter Rabbit Replica dress for AG dolls to match the Barbies