Thursday, September 29, 2016

Update on Clothing Storage

I take stock photos or actually photos and edit them in my graphics program with the name of the outfit and description. I may even go into detail on the other side of the card stock that I print them on and put details like pieces of the outfit, how much I paid, etc... Then I fold the outfit and put it in a gallon zip lock. Then I have a canvas bin for each period if you look on the large photo on the top row the bright pink one on the far right is Historical PC (but I keep the best friends together), The next one is more modern historical (not modern as far as time line but as far as when they were released.. These are very full (heh), Second row the teal or turquoise colored bin is for GOTY clothing, The next two lighter pink bins are for JLY/MYag/Truly Me AG brand clothing, The third row is blue for my custom boy clothes or some duplicates of the above clothing that works on boys such as the camping outfit, One of the lavender bins is my favorite homemade outfits by my favorite designers the other is for Bitty Baby and Twins. A lot of my bins are very full so I don't know what to do next LOL. Some of the gallon sized bags also have the box the outfit came in. The bottom row is mainly for stuff-- like Lindsey's skateboard and big items that would over stuff the gallon sized bags and make the bin bulky
Be sure to check out all the storage solutions I have come across at the link

Monday, September 12, 2016

Tips on Long Term Storage for your AG

borrowed from Google

  1. It is preferred if they are removed from the original box and placed in Acid Free container boxes. Their original boxes will absorb any moisture and attract insects.
  2. Lay them up right (standing) or face down. Long term storage with them in laying position would damage the sleepy eye weights. Leaving them in a sitting position weakens their joints. 
  3. Remove all clothing to prevent dye transfer and you can cover them in a solid white pillowcase for protection. You could also wrap them in acid free tissue paper but even acid free tissue paper and boxes need to be replaced occasionally.
  4.  If you save silica packages (they come in things like shoes and other items to keep them dry) or you can just find the silica cat litter at Petsmart and you can put it in an old sock (doubled) or some other type of rice bag.
  5.  You can find wig or shower caps to cover their hair and keep it nice.
  6.  Attics and Basements are the worst places for your dolls. Please try to keep them in a climate controlled area.
  7.  For clothes and other things zip-loc bags can trap moisture in so be sure to use those small silica packets or keep them in an acid free box with acid free paper such as a photo storage box.
  8.  Breathable storage is always best. If you have to use a inexpensive way of storing dolls such as a Rubbermaid tote block out any large holes (such as the handles) and poke pin sized holes to allow things to breathe. Don't forget to check on these items every few months to make sure no bugs and everything is doing well.
  9.  Remove all metal objects to prevent oxidation. 
  10.  Don't use mothballs because of their repugnant smell