Saturday, September 12, 2015

Doll's first Sleepover

Big Will hasn't been able to sleepover anywhere because I can't be without mom that long.
Lil' Will got the opportunity last night when Chic-Fil-A hosted a Stuffed animal sleepover. You go for dinner and sign in your "friend"... They give you a letter your child can write to his or her friend and some coloring sheets... then you leave your friend at CFA and come back for breakfast with them. They had shared lots of pictures from what the friends did without us...

my first experience restringing

On previous blogs I have talked about my 6 year old's son's doll Lil Will. One day we woke up and Lil' Will's leg had just snapped. I knew not to panic that many of my friends in the AG world had fixed this issue themselves so I thought it was a better time than any to learn to do it myself. Instead of hunting through Home Depot and Lowes for materials I decided to order them from Bravas International. My only thing is I ordered the restringing kit and next time I would order that and the bulk elastic cord for restringing as well because the strings that came with the kit were a bit short.

I didn't take a lot of pictures because things kinda happened out of order. I let Lil Will borrow one of my girls bodies in the mean time till supplies came in... so this is him unstuffed and ready on the make shift hospital bed William made him. This quickly became a family event too..
Skylar decided to help, Rick did the hair dryer to soften the vinyl and then we all worked together to tie the bungie and try to get the clamps on. 

The video on how to do this is in an older post

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Our fabulous boy dolls




Carlo, Mackenzie, Will, and Cole

I have three 18 inch boy dolls and 1 15 inch Bitty Twin.
American Girl makes and sells the boy twins but not in the 18 inch doll.

I have gotten so many questions about my boy dolls and didn't realize I didn't have that many answers in my blog. To find a doll to remake I prefer the old Pre-Mattel dolls that their face paint has been a bit duller after their longer life (so boys don't have such rosey cheeks and red lips!). I also prefer to have feathered eye brows rather than straight eye brows. (Is your boy a metrosexual? LOL) 
Other that you don't have to change anything. I don't unstuff them to reshape their body... Some may choose to tighten limbs on their own if needed, Some do fill in eye brows or change face paint in some way or even paint their eyes.. These are all skills in which I haven't mastered... I did master (sorta) the rewigging. Lil Will was my custom doll I made for my son. I got an old brunette JLY (she had no eye brows or make up) and rewigged with a boy wig I bought from Tara.  Every once in awhile she will ask I really like that wig where did you get it? I am like YOU! So no one remembers what store it came from oh well. Tara made the custom blonde boy he's had a haircut. The middle one is an extra special custom doll because my oldest son has a unique eye color so I had her paint his eye color on a pair of eyes that had what they call Silver eye and rewig him from his old beaten up choppy Kirsten wig. I really need better pictures of him.
Our own boy doll group-

If you want to have your own boy...

You can buy him... (I will update these links)
Twice Loved Dolls
Gramcats Closet
My Girl Clothing Coheir
American Girl Customs
Forever Friends Dolls

Or you can make him yourself...
If you have haircutting skills you can try your hand at a haircut but I prefer the look of the rewig.
You can find your wigs from Ebay to the Facebook groups specializing in American Girl dolls there is even a group for BOY dolls. You need a size 10-11 wig so if your looking on Etsy or Ebay thats the size you will need. I believe Modacrylic would be the type of wig that is suggested.
Here are some links for wigs below 
 Bava's International seems to have anything you need for your dolls
Ruby Red Galleria
Audrey Dolls



Other boy dolls
My Sibling My pal Dolls
Gotz (Pottery Barn Kids)
My Twinn
Harmony Club

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Maryellen Larkin

I know I just shared a post about Maryellen but folks I am excited! She's such a pretty doll and one of my favorite eras! She comes out tomorrow but apparently the new American Girl Scottsdale Arizona store got her a day early and SOLD OUT! I know someone else who got a hold on one... Doll Diaries  and yes they are sponsoring a give away of the doll!

I don't have personal permission to share her pictures here so you will have to follow the link to Doll Diaries to see her beauty or go to the American Girl page tomorrow. Maryellen is a 1950's girl from sunny Florida. She's got strawberry blonde hair and a beautiful hazel eye color... Have I mentioned I love red heads in any form? I have already seen pictures of a sock hop dress, her dog, a DINER! a cute little capri set and an ice skating outfit. Her meet is so sweet and cute though.. Its got a beautiful striped sundress in pastel colors with a little shrug with an M on it in the true Laverne and Shirley style. (ohmy!)  I don't want to date myself or anything but I would hope most people know of that show from way back when! Her hair is swept up with strawberry blonde streaks of varied color and bright hazel eyes... I can't wait to have her of my very own!

Are you excited? Or are you Yay another Historical... boo bring on the 2016 Girl of the Year!
Whelp I am excited... Head over to Doll Diaries and enter.. What would you like from Maryellen's collection? Are you planning on adding the doll to your home? I am not keen on the name Maryellen and I don't know what to nickname her! eeek!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Maryellen Sneak Peaks

Maryellen sneak peeks before her August 27th release
I am very excited for the release of Maryellen. I don't think she will be part of our family right away but she will be sooner rather than later. I usually can only afford the dolls that are retiring as I want to make sure I have them before they retire. I invested recently in a McKenna hoping to flip her or fix her up but she's not budging and its dragging me down so I was hoping I could get a Grace or Maryellen with the money instead I feel its wasted at least for now :/

It was originally rumored the story line of Maryellen revolves around the Amelia Earhart era so if this is true she will be a soon added doll to her collection. Plus her honey/strawberry blonde hair and pretty eyes oh and yes the 50's had a great decade for style am I right?

The book 1 synopsis says (on Amazon):
Maryellen Larkin is nine years old and longs to stand out, but in a family with five brothers and sisters it's easy to get lost in the shuffle! A painting mishap gains her some attention, but not the kind she's been longing for. Being invited to stay in at recess and practice her handwriting earns Maryellen a new friend, but what does that mean for her old friendships? Then, Maryellen is wishing for a white Christmas like the ones in the movies (not very likely in Florida!) Will she find a way to make her dream come true?

Here is a link to Lissie and Lily's sneak peek:

What do you think? Will Maryellen be part of your home?

Friday, June 19, 2015

Oooh sneak peaks!

I promised I would start to blog more and include some sneak peaks..  American Girl announced that they are revamping the beds. I am not in love with the new beds. I do love one of Grace's new outfits... I hope to get that soon (I still don't have Grace haha) I also love the Crock Pot, Monster Bride costume,  Josefina's new set, Addy's new set, and Kaya's new set... They give Rebecca way to much purple... and Julies items are getting to "Justice" color themed. Anyways check out the new Beforever and Truly Me items
Grace's items should already be on the American Girl Page.

The Signature Studio exclusively at NY, LA, & Chicago... Maybe if it is popular, they will expand it to more stores. These are more options:

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Fashion Camp and doll sized finds for Grace

Skylar trying on her outfit for the fashion show #toomuchfilter


Whenever the local junior league puts on the American Girl Fashion show, Skylar is too tall or "big"/... all 5'6 114 lbs of her. I am not even sure they still make size 16/18 girls or older girls clothes which is really disappointing as Skylar is only 12 and I believe the dolls are targeted for 8 and up. Anyways off topic really. There are days where Skylar discusses modeling opportunities but there are times when I think she would prefer to be behind the camera and isn't quite girlie enough to make it in the modeling world even though she is built for it. One of our local malls held a Fashion Camp. They not only gave her some model training but also took her to many of the stores in the mall taught them about make up and how to put a great outfit together and many other fashionista tips.. She got a lot of giveaways for attending camp including a $25 gift card.. So fun she enjoyed it and ended her day with a fashion show at Belk in which she walked the runway...Her second runway show

To spend her $25 gift certificate she stopped into Icing (owned by Claires or vice versa) and I spotted some great Grace treasures.. So look locally in your store to find some cute things...
Great little bakery case for the bakery or if you don't like the $500 price tag and want to make your own :)

Tiny little Eiffel towers and a doll sized travel case :) LOVE Paris right?

New Feature?

I've been trying to think of new things to add to the blog. As Skylar is busy being a teen and all so she hasn't contributed much and she's a bit shy to get into blogging she's more of an Instagram girl...

What about a who wore it better segment or a product review? Want to hear gossip or info on sneak peeks of the newest coming out for your doll? Any feedback?

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Doll update and yard sale finds-- show off thread

I need two more shelves one to put my other collectable dolls (Play Wonder and Magic attic) and for my Girl of the Year and Customs...
The main collection. I put my Truly Me dolls (formerly Just Like You) on the shelf since they won't be played with a whole lot... So on the top shelf is my Samantha, Lily (24), Marianna (28), Emma who is a Play Wonder doll, Felicity- she's in delicate condition :(, Charlie (13), Matilda (17), Taylor (22) and Isabella as Avril Lavigne. Then Ivy, McKenna, Gwen (she's new to us!) Molly, Emily, Ruthie, Kit, Kaya on the back row. Lindsey, Saige, with Marie- Grace behind her, Addy, Caroline, Cecile, Nellie and Samantha again.

my customs Lil Will, Mack, Carlo, and Jeanette.

my messy shelf with my other dolls and Bitty Twins..
This is just a picture where I keep their clothes organized and stuff. I am going to redo it soon probably with my wicker set and get rid of the wooden chair we will see. 

Now for the past couple of weeks I think I have found some great yard sale deals. I think the weekend before last I went to a yard sale and found a few TLC beds for a really irresistible price. My daughter won't play with the beds I don't think and I have already unassembled the doll house so I have no where to put them but to fix them up and keep them as collectors or give them to another girl to enjoy? We will have to see. 
Samantha's bed

a non AG dining set its missing a spoke but its not noticable if there is a doll using it :) Great for my Thanksgiving display don't you think?

Felicity's sampler I was told this was the best find like almost ever ;)

Moon and Stars trundle oops they had it with Samantha's bedding but SCORE :)

and Kit's bed.

Then after that last Thursday I found a Craigslist ad for another yard sale. I emailed my husband would we dare after the last one? YES we dared! I actually sold my Our Generation Camper and Kitchen to save money to go to Nashville for the grand opening this week of the new American Girl store but I asked ahead and they didn't have the retiring Caroline items I wanted... so I opted for this instead.... Kirsten's kittens, Molly's tap outfit, Nutmeg Julie's bunny, a birthday cake, Chrissa's picnic table and bench and beautiful Gwen! I so wanted to get more but I was restraining myself. I was pouting that Julie had a little more TLC than what I wanted for a collectors doll and Kirsten which was absolutely almost flawless but she was a newer version and I so want to get the Pleasant Company version where its truly from when I grew up and dreamed of owning her and Samantha. 

The doll beds may all need a little TLC, bedding or mattress which is okay by me since I know on our budget we couldn't hope for something nicer... So check your yard sale sites, check your bookoo, check your Craigslist and Freecycle once , twice and you will find dolls and other items within your budget like me!