Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Dolls for Dolls

Dear American Girl...
   Hello Mattel. I would like to address an issue. Let's keep with the Pleasant Company ideal to educate children with historical stories of girls they could relate to in history and that some of their obstacles are still similar to many modern day. What better history lesson is providing our historical and even possibly the modern dolls with their own dolls. It could be a teaching lessons of what toys were like during that time period. I did some searching and I know several of the historical dolls have their own dolls. Some do not.
Josefina's Doll
Kits Dolls
Kirsten's Doll
Molly's Doll
Elizabeth's Doll
Kaya's Doll

Addy's Doll
Nellie's Doll 

Felicity's Doll
Samantha's doll

and Julie's toy.. I think Mattel really missed the mark on giving Julie a Barbie styling head. Yes I am sure the styling heads were popular then I even remember them in the 80's and beyond. Being that Mattel owns American Girl and Barbie couldn't they recreate the popular Barbie of the time period even on a limited edition run? Where is Rebecca's Kewpie doll? Whom should have had their own toy?
A popular Barbie from the 70's
*American Girl pictures courtesy of American Girl Wikia page http://americangirl.wikia.com/