Sunday, January 25, 2015

I made Valentines Mailboxes

I got mailboxes at the dollar spot in Target. I have also seen them at Michaels and Oriental Trading company. I also picked up the paper, ribbon, and embellishments from the dollar spot. The candle sticks are less than $3 at Michaels :) 

Saturday, January 17, 2015


General Mommy Group lingo you may see in American Girl groups

DH- Dear Husband or Darling Husband

DS- Dear Son or Darling Son
DD- Dear Daughter or Darling Daughter
GF- Girlfriend
BF- Boyfriend or Best Friend
DF - Dear fiance
SO- Significant Other 
DSD- Dear Step Daughter
DSS- Dear Step Son
DGD- Dear Grand Daughter
DGS- Dear Grand Son
LO- Little One
MIL- Mother in Law so Sister in law would be SIL :) get it?
LOL/LMAO- Laughing out Loud or Laughing Online.

American Girl Lingo---

AA- African or Asian American (Ethnic)

AG- of course means American Girl or you wouldn't be here *wink*
AGB&B- American Girl Boutique and Bistro
AGP- American Girl Place
AG(o)T (#)- American Girl Doll (of) Today (Reference Number) *Also called MAG, JLY
BB- Bitty Baby, Bitty Bear
BST- Buy Sell Trade
BT- Bitty Twins

Bump - this is a funny one! Newbies keep on asking what does that mean?! It means bumping it again on top of the group wall. Actually any comment would bump it up again, it could be a simple "." but usually the word bump is what's used..feel free to use whatever when in need to refresh the exposure to your listing :)
CL - Craigslist
EUC- Excellent Used Condition,  item should have no holes, stains, rips, etc
FB- Facebook
GoML- Girls of Many Lands
GotY- Girl(s) of the Year
GUC- Gently Used Condition,  possible piling on fabric, small stain, pull in fabric, or multiple owners
HH- Hopscotch Hill
ISO- In Search Of
IRL- In real life usually referring to pictures
JLY- Just Like You
JLY (#)- Just Like You (Reference Number)
MG- Marie Grace
MIB- Mint in Box
My AG or MAG (#)- My American Girl (Reference Number)
NFS- Not for Sale
Not!Doll's Name- A nickname for My American Girl dolls that resemble retired Girls of the Year.
NIP- New in package
NIB- New in box
NRFB- Never removed from box
NWT- New With Tags
NWOT- New Without Tags
PC- Pleasant Company
PIF- Pay it Forward
PM- Pre-Mattel
PM- may also refer to Private Message (check spam or others!)
PwP- Purchase With Purchase
PP- Paypal
PS- Personal Shopper
ONB- Our New Baby

Thursday, January 15, 2015

47 Thoughts An Adult thinks in American Girl

Yes I have thought most of these thoughts and probably more and I got quite a chuckle by this positive article... If only I could shop at AG alone.. maybe later this year when it comes to Nashville *squee*

Thanks for the share Laura! (I don't have your Google + to tag you :( )

Monday, January 5, 2015

About the American Girl Lines

There are a few different lines of dolls are/were sold through AG. Historical aka Beforever, Girl of the Year, My American Girl AKA JLY, Wellie Wishers, the Contemporary Line, Bitty Twin, and Bitty Baby. Historicals are available sometimes for many years predictability of retirement of these comes and goes. They recently launched the new Beforever line complete with all new outfits and Samantha and Felicity were brought out of archives. We don't know when and if AG will bring another out of archives but rumors of Molly being next. When they want to archive a doll it works like Girl of the Year.. they are available until they sell out or December 31st usually.

Girl of the Year is released once a year and they are archived when they sell out or December 31st. Girl of the Year is based on current times and often the characters have challenges they have to overcome.. Isabelle was kinda bullied, she didn't feel good enough, she felt like she was in her sisters shadow, Saige had her program cut at school and grandmother was sick, McKenna had a learning disability. Girl of the Year started in 2001 with Lindsey and Lindsey was out two years, Then Kailey was the next also out two years, Chrissa in 2009 was the only girl of the year to have friends in her collection

The new contemporary line is that of Nashville singer Tenney, her bandmate Logan (the first official boy), and Suzie "Z" Yang a hopeful filmaker.

JLY or Just Like You is line is basically a design yourself line but it can't be too customized AG wants your child or yourself to pick out your favorite doll from that line or one that looks closest to you or your daughter and you can make her whatever you desire (Skater, Skier, braces, geek, fashionista) and basically tell your own story. There is a retired set of blank books to write your own story. American Girl will soon have more options for customization, The JLY, Historical-Beforever, and GOTY are all 18 inches tall and can mostly share clothes. 

Bitty Twins are babies (Toddlers) with hair and you can buy them separate or together. They were retired in 2016. Bitty Babies have kinda painted on peach fuzz or molded hair and both of those lines are 15 inches but sometimes can share clothes with the 18 inches too!

WellieWishers is a line of all-vinyl dolls released by American Girl in June 2016. The line is named after wellies, a term for Wellington boots/rubber rain boots that was popularized in the United Kingdom. They are, as a line, designated to cover the span of elementary-aged children five and up who may be too young for handling the mainline American Girls, but feel too mature for the preschool style clothing and infant focus of the Bitty Baby line. They are 14 inches tall.

American Girl used to make Angelina Ballerina items and a collectors doll line called Girls of many lands.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Out takes in AG Land

Well a year ago I made my first custom AG doll for my son who was 4.. I had a friend sell me a very TLC doll and I rewigged her to be a boy.. Here is a video and some pictures of Lil Will.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Check out the American Girl Giveaway!!


My kids favorite blogger and I accidentally happened upon a recent vlog.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Girl of the Year 2015 ~ Grace

We aren't at the release this year (maybe next) but I woke up and looked at American Girl to look at the collection. I already had seen sneak peaks well before yesterday but I wanted to take a double look and I noticed a lot of comments about the price of the bakery, having two accessory sets, prices and the usual comments I see a lot this time of year.

Encase you haven't seen here is the picture of the new Grace...

I personally think she is adorable. I always love freckles and the people were getting tired of blonde GOTY (Saige was a red head?) I think she looks similar to two of my favorite other GOTY's Lindsey and Chrissa. I am not overly impressed with her meet its cute but nothing special. Grace's story is that she is a girl with an entrepreneurial spirit and she goes to visit France and at some point she opens up her own bakery. If you go to France do you really wear a Paris tee shirt? I love the consistent theme of bows and Tiffany blue. I noticed some changes apparently Isabelle's collection of buying separates didn't work or they just did that for Isabelle with the mix and match outfits. Also I am sad they did away with the Starter Collections. With the two accessory sets I wish they would let you choose with the doll which one you want. I think that would have been cool. There are plenty of matching girl outfits to match Grace as well. I am excited about this collection and this story! How about you? 

sorry for the blurry picture this is the traveling coat

The $500 Bakery. I don't complain about prices much. This is one of the most expensive items American Girl has made if not the most expensive. I have heard from my source its as big as Lanie's camper but since I haven't seen either I have no idea ha! It has over 60 accessories and if you've ever priced the food sets from American Girl you know why the price is $500 plus knowing American Girl the quality isn't cheap and cheesy.

Her adorable travel set.
There is the saying you can't please everyone in one day and today isn't your day.. I am a little perplexed on why the Bistro only has one chair.

I love they are giving money to charity or rather we are haha :) 
Apron dress...

Mixer set (how adorable!)

Her dog I think her name is Bon Bon I need to double check on that!

The France Accessory set

Opening Night dress.
Beautiful bakery cart

This is probably my favorite outfit of her collection. I might have to have it for Valentines Day *hint hint* So cute even though it doesn't have the Tiffany blue.

There are many more items on the website...