Friday, November 28, 2014

Just going to put it out there

I hate for my second or first official blog on my AG blog to be a little bit negative (or maybe you will think its a lot negative) but it didn't feel right to put it on my average blog and since the subject matter is American Girl or the reason for the post is due to a debate about American Girl, I am going to just get it off my chest.

If you don't get why I like American Girl or I am a 30 something housewife who still has dolls. That's great that's your opinion. When you start attacking the price of American Girl its almost like I take it personally. You don't think they are worth it? Okay fine keep that opinion to yourself. I don't think I need to have the newest Iphone, Samsung, or Google Glass... But some people might. I am perfectly happy driving my 10 year old Honda.. yet most people would probably want a nicer model. Fine. GREAT. grand... So you buy the newest Iphone and I buy the newest doll. Does your Iphone hold value? It will be worth 99 cents by this time next year. I am almost thinking those who say I don't get American Girl are a bit jealous. I understand if you can't afford them. I haven't been able to afford the newest doll this year either.. Any of the newer releases this year. I usually buy mine used and rarely have paid retail or higher for a doll. If you can't afford them it sucks I hadn't been able to afford them until I EDUCATED myself on collecting. I hadn't been able to afford them till I stopped spending money on my other hobbies (Scrapbooking and Digital graphics). I save now for months, I sell extra stuff around the house. Some of my AG friends buy large lots and they are educated enough to be able to sell what they don't need to make profit to support the habit. When there is an attack on how someone else spends their money its none of their business and it seems like your more jealous than actually caring.

If you don't get why so and so has to have the newest technology (here in this house we only have one flat screen TV we bought in 2008 the rest of the TV's are thrift store TV's like 10 years old. I have an Iphone 4 and the only reason I want a newer phone is space on the memory... I am tired of my phone constantly being full. Its none of my business if your on Food Stamps or Medicaid and your out at AT&T in line waiting to get your Apple Phone

I personally don't get the love of Nike's and I am a self proclaimed shoe whore... I would not stand in line for the newest pair of shoes that is only going to last you 6 months. Do I go ranting about the price of a pair of tennis shoes? No...

So I might pay $20 for a doll or $120 for a doll that's my business. I am not on welfare if that was any of your business. We pay all of our bills on time. Our cats are well cared for and so are our kids- They are spoiled for goodness sakes... So I will spend what I want on a doll.

You know I have to be honest here... My husband and I have a bit of a thrift store ecclectic house... different pieces of furniture from different sources and different time periods.. Its not in great condition with the exception of Skylar's room when she got a whole new matching bedroom set for her birthday. I always don't feel straight without a house that looks like its from Home and Gardens Magazine or Southern Living but perhaps thats because that's how I grew up. My guardian always had nice pieces that matched :) I explained this to my husband and we used a neighbor as a reference and he said but how much of their furniture is on credit? Their boat? their car? their ski doo? How many of their toys are paid off and sure they have nice furniture but how much of it is actually theirs and not banked owned. Another thing Rick and I don't have is hand me downs... family heirlooms. The only heirloom I got is the ugly old shrunk that his ex wife got in Germany. I hate the damn thing now the locks are broken so I can't even get to my important documents. What I am getting at is our furniture is ours.. if it breaks no biggie we go to the thrift store or whatever and buy a new piece. Eventually hopefully we can have nicer furniture we can pay cash for that all matches. Right now I am not worried about having nice furniture while my cats still act like cats and my kids act like kids. I won't cry over a stained piece. Clean it up or replace it. Our beds are all new, our kitchen table is a few years old but overall in beautiful shape, and Skylar's bedroom set which will hopefully carry her to college. You never know how someone spends their money whether in a year or two they could be the ones over their head in debt or the ones who look and you perceive as poor may just be doing things the Dave Ramsey way.

You never know how someone elses shoes fit so don't act like that you do! If your just not that into it then move on. If you genuinely want to know then ask but don't act like your butt hurt when I give you the reasoning behind buying a $90 used doll. I am not the only one doing it... the Ebay auctions prove the value...

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