Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to find the best deals on dolls

Of course you should know your stuff and there are a few places on this blog to learn what you need to know. Skylar's first American Girl doll we didn't have much to spend so I put an ad on Craigslist and got a response someone was selling a doll for $60. Even though I was obsessed with American Girl as a child this was a new journey for us. Her second doll I was scouring Ebay and I was messaging people asking if it was a mini doll or a full sized one... now I know the obvious differences. My next thing I did I mistakenly bid on what I thought was Felicity but it was actually Felicity's Christmas dress (and it wasn't inexpensive either). I realized my mistake and I was lucky enough to have an understanding Ebay seller that let me retract my bid. I finally found one locally that was beautiful. Then I found my first Facebook group catering toward AG fans.. At the time there weren't many... maybe this was a first. I quickly jumped right in and learned all that I know now about American Girl.
   Let me tell you where I found my best deals...

We had some stuff over at a storage unit and every year the storage unit would have a yard sale. We of course wanted to get some stuff cleaned out of our storage unit so we had set up tables and had stuff for sale and I was manning it all. So my husband and daughter walked around to the other units and found the beautiful JLY on the left for $20 in full meet with a bunch of AG pleasant company items for $25! Of course that means I didn't make anything selling stuff out of our unit because I turned around and spent it on Ms Charlie as my daughter named her. She has a little bit of silver eye but we don't fix silver eye as long as its not horrible (if we wanted to its a free fix at the Doll Hospital). I keep a pretty close eye on Craigslist. I downloaded an app called CSmart for Craigslist and I get notifications on my phone and by email. We live pretty close to some major cities (Chattanooga, Nashville, Birmingham, and I have family in Georgia) so I make sure I monitor those places as well. Well one time I saw an ad for a "Kit" in Chattanooga and to meet at the mall. "Kit" was $30 on the ad. So I got my best friend to ride shot gun.. I forgot about the time difference between Chattanooga and where I live so there was some confusion there. Then once we got to the mall where we were supposed to meet she asked for $40... I saw it wasn't Kit at all it was Nellie. I was happy and went home :) I have my Craigslist notifications for individuals selling doll items as well as garage sales/yard sales that may have some American Girl items at them. Facebook yard sale pages are another great place to find individuals or yard sales. I am not sure where I heard about this yard sale but I always try to be first or get there as soon as possible. My husband and I went to a yard sale and I saw a doll for under $50.. I thought maybe? Possibly? Could it be Gwen? Gwen is pretty hard to find because her and her look a like look so much alike. So I messaged my favorite AG guru and she thought it was Gwen too! I already had gotten Gwen's meet in a AG lot I had bought so that was an amazing deal.

I saw another ad on Craigslist or Facebook for a yard sale and the lady said she didn't know anything about American Girl.. I was stressing because I was supposed to go out of town that weekend. I asked her if she needed help figuring out what was what and how to price it.. She she let me come over early and help her out which I did my best... I walked out of there with Mia, Nicki, and Patriot for $60! 
I love to go to Yard Sales... my children not so much. When I can convince them to drive around we go... Or Skylar babysits her little brother LOL.. I ended up going to a Garage sale of an elderly lady and she had mostly tchotchkes, figurines, old fancy plates etc... but over in the corner we spotted an American Girl box.. It was Pleasant Company Samantha MINT for $60.. 
I begged my husband to go to an Estate Sale where they had Samantha, Molly, and Felicity almost perfectly for $60.. I chose to get Felicity because the original one I had bought my daughter was starting to look rough. I also already had Samantha and Molly. My husband talked me into getting Felicity. 
I have found a doll at the Consignment sale in which I volunteer and she had some markings sure... but all I did was clean her up.. I think she may have been $40.. well worth it after I brushed her teeth! (yes I did!).. I also have found a pretty nice doll at a thrift store for $25.. You just have to go out and find these deals! 
Other places to look for great deals on dolls? Poshmark (an app), Mercari?.. so I have heard its the Canadian version of Craigslist, Ebay, Craigslist as I have said, Local Facebook yard sale pages, consignment stores, thrift stores, seasonal sales, rummage sales and other places.. 
Here are some great links...

There is a listing of Facebook Groups for American Girl on this blog... here
There are many areas that have local American Girl groups on Facebook... if there isn't one why don't you start one? 

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