Sunday, September 24, 2017

My Luckiest American Girl Day so far...

Every week I try to at least check Craigslist on Thursdays for new AG ads or to see if there are any AG yard sales. I have an alert that goes to my email too. That goes for all the local yard sale Facebook groups I am in too. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. The Facebook Marketplace doesn't even work on my profile so I have to check someone else's. Well I saw a random ad for a yard sale with this picture....

I spot the dolls in the chair.. I knew one could be Rebecca if my eyes weren't deceiving me as I recognized the purple dress but I could be way off. I commented on the post.. I said what kind of dolls are those? He said My American Girl dolls. :o
So I wait on my daughter to get out of the shower and jump in the car and drive twenty minutes knowing that they are either two expensive (I'm pretty broke) or they will be gone. I get there and its Rebecca and #27 for $15 a piece! YAY They look pretty good for $15!

Well at home and bored because I haven't been feeling well so I check the Facebook market place and I see an ad for American Girl Horses... I have been looking for Kaya's horse Steps High since she just retired and her price already sky rocketed.
So here was a picture from the ad... No dolls.... horses, a human sized desk, and a human set of wicker chairs..

I messaged the seller asking about the horses. She said sorry they are gone. Then she sends me a picture of a non AG doll, a blonde AG doll, and a bed without bedding...She said I have these dolls though.. I asked cautiously about the blonde doll if she knew who she was or anything about her? She said Julie (Julie was one I didn't have).. So I get excited and she said she wants $30 for Julie and the bed! Now I am really excited. My husband just shakes his head and said you just GOT two dolls. He was exhausted and not feeling well as well so I didn't think he'd jump at it plus we are stressed over money. I said well she wants $30 for Julie and the bed. He said okay we can be there within an hour... So again we drive 30 minutes on the other side of town for Julie and this bed. I get there the bed has all the bedding and Julie looks great. She also has Kaya and Caroline as well. I said well how much did you want for Kaya? She said $10... I was like wahhhh. I pulled out some loose ones I had $9 she said I'll take it. YOU'VE got to be kidding me! 
Two times yesterday, Two random sellers/ yard sales, No AG dolls mentioned in either ad and I get 4 dolls under $50 plus a bed!! Julie's bed!

I wish I had a few more bucks to grab Caroline and gift her to a little girl... maybe if she is still there this week LOL I can find a little cash... shh don't tell my husband LOL

Julie had a tiny mark on her nose I got off with a magic eraser, brushed out her hair and it looks fine, I brushed out Kaya's hair both of them have tight limbs and no major flaws for $39!

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