Saturday, October 21, 2017

Caroline’s journey

I responded to an ad on the Facebook Marketplace for American Girl horses. She responded that she sold the horses but had some dolls and a bed left. She messaged me the following pictures.
A bed with no bedding, a non AG doll, and a AG blonde doll. I said do you know who the blonde is? She said it’s Julie. I can sell you the doll and the bed for $30!!! I just scored two other dolls for $30. My husband wasn’t feeling well. I didn’t think he wanted to go back out. I said it’s Julie and a bed for $30! We don’t have Julie! He said oh ok we can leave right now. :o
I go pull $30 out of the bank account and meet the nice lady... I spot other dolls too... a Kaya and a Caroline. I said how much by chance are you selling the Kaya for? She said $10! I said oh my... I was bummed I just had the $30. I scrounged through my purse. I found $9... she said she’d take that. Ohmiluckiestdayever! I get home and Julie doesn’t have her meet. But I already had it. Her and Kaya look so nice and the bed belongs to Julie it’s complete too!!

 Well Caroline didn’t leave my head the rest of the week. I believe the next weekend I asked my husband if I bought Caroline from the lady could I just donate her to the library on our military base. He thought it was a nice idea. So I messaged the lady to see if she still had Caroline. She did I offered her more than $10 because I don’t feel right taking them for just $10. She said sure. So I went to pick Caroline up. She wasn’t as clean or taken care of as the other two dolls. So I took her home and began the long process of treating the marks on her face and hair.
I really thought I messed up after that huge splotch showed up. My AG friends reassured me that the oxy would just seep out of the vinyl and would be gone in a few days and they were right.



Today 3 weeks later I finally had her ready for the library.

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