Saturday, January 17, 2015


General Mommy Group lingo you may see in American Girl groups

DH- Dear Husband or Darling Husband

DS- Dear Son or Darling Son
DD- Dear Daughter or Darling Daughter
GF- Girlfriend
BF- Boyfriend or Best Friend
DF - Dear fiance
SO- Significant Other 
DSD- Dear Step Daughter
DSS- Dear Step Son
DGD- Dear Grand Daughter
DGS- Dear Grand Son
LO- Little One
MIL- Mother in Law so Sister in law would be SIL :) get it?
LOL/LMAO- Laughing out Loud or Laughing Online.

American Girl Lingo---

AA- African or Asian American (Ethnic)

AG- of course means American Girl or you wouldn't be here *wink*
AGB&B- American Girl Boutique and Bistro
AGP- American Girl Place
AG(o)T (#)- American Girl Doll (of) Today (Reference Number) *Also called MAG, JLY
BB- Bitty Baby, Bitty Bear
BST- Buy Sell Trade
BT- Bitty Twins

Bump - this is a funny one! Newbies keep on asking what does that mean?! It means bumping it again on top of the group wall. Actually any comment would bump it up again, it could be a simple "." but usually the word bump is what's used..feel free to use whatever when in need to refresh the exposure to your listing :)
CL - Craigslist
EUC- Excellent Used Condition,  item should have no holes, stains, rips, etc
FB- Facebook
GoML- Girls of Many Lands
GotY- Girl(s) of the Year
GUC- Gently Used Condition,  possible piling on fabric, small stain, pull in fabric, or multiple owners
HH- Hopscotch Hill
ISO- In Search Of
IRL- In real life usually referring to pictures
JLY- Just Like You
JLY (#)- Just Like You (Reference Number)
MG- Marie Grace
MIB- Mint in Box
My AG or MAG (#)- My American Girl (Reference Number)
NFS- Not for Sale
Not!Doll's Name- A nickname for My American Girl dolls that resemble retired Girls of the Year.
NIP- New in package
NIB- New in box
NRFB- Never removed from box
NWT- New With Tags
NWOT- New Without Tags
PC- Pleasant Company
PIF- Pay it Forward
PM- Pre-Mattel
PM- may also refer to Private Message (check spam or others!)
PwP- Purchase With Purchase
PP- Paypal
PS- Personal Shopper
ONB- Our New Baby

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