Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Luciana has arrived

Luciana has arrived and straight out of the wig cap her bangs were crazed.. Even after a spritz and a bobby pin and nothing... LOL
But I was sitting here trying to tame her bangs. William (my 8 year old) asked where his custom doll, Lil Will, was. I stated upstairs on the top shelf of the doll shelf. My 8 year old never goes upstairs on his own but he ran upstairs and some how got Will off the top shelf. Ran downstairs and was stripping the new Space Suit we got at our AG visit that he hadn't taken off of Will since we got home and he preferred the spacesuit over his new Lego's he got on the trip. I asked why he was taking off the Spacesuit. He said that Luciana needed it and he was going to put Lil Will in the Flight Suit LOL.. and then he grabbed her shipping box so they could go on their Mars Mission. I knew he'd love this NASA theme :)
ps. He also doesn't want to exchange Luciana for a tame one... because she's unique-- pray for me LOL

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