Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valentines Day with Phoebes Phasions

I met a young lady on the Amino groups for American Girl. One of these talented young ladies on the Amino group shared her work with me. I was so excited I told her to throw me together a box of different Valentines themed items. I wanted to share her talent with my visitors to my blog. . I will be giving away a code on 10% off your next order (exclusions are custom orders). So comment about how your dolls spend Valentines Day and what you like on Phoebe's Phashions Etsy page  for a chance at 10% off.
Everything came beautifully and professionally wrapped in a nice box with fairly fast shipping. My husband didn't even want me to unwrap the items...

The dum dum suckers look authentic, there is a little box of starburst and a couple of fruity drinks for the girls... Also a cute little handmade pendant for Sheeran :) Isn't it cute?
I can't wait to order more for my St Patty's Display! Everything is so well made I will be going back to Phoebe's Phashions
Why don't you take a look here

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