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Doll Storage & Clothing Storage...

How do you store your American Girl items?

You can buy hangers directly from American Girl. Obviously their hangers are made to be appropriate for their clothes..

Starry Clip Hangers $8

Item# F5327

Set of 12 Hangers $8

Item# G0415
Non AG Hangers (higher quality)
DIY #2
Pharmacy hanging bags like these

I saw some at Michaels today... Springfield brand.

Keepsake Box $50

Item# F3746
A beautiful keepsake box for your doll and her collection but its not for everyday play

Doll Storage Cabinet (retired)

Item# F5118-CF1A

Storage Caddy

Item# F4778

This storage caddy with silver trim and silkscreened stars holds up to eight doll outfits when hanging. It also has pockets for books, accessories, and many other treasures. The hanger with a sparkly American Girl logo allows her to place it on the wall or in a closet. Or, she can simply tuck it under the mattress as a bedside caddy. Cotton. Imported. Blue/Silver. W: 15" x L: 33 1/2"

American Girl made these beautiful trunks for several of their dolls that are now retired, you might be able to find them on resell....
Samantha, Molly's trunk, Just Like You Dance Studio Steamer trunk, Kit, Addy, and Kirsten had like Hope Chest styled trunks.. versus the steamer style. Marisol had a dance trunk, and Isabelle has a studio (a sewing wardrobe).

Our Generation (brand available through Target) has several storage options as well

Our Generation Wooden Wardrobe *link*

I bought one off of the yard sale sites and redid it added some paint, cushions, some new ribbons to look like this one 

They had another with pink damask *link* and I think they've had one that looks like a side by side fridge.. too

My Life available at Walmart has a trunk type deal *link* 

Kidkraft Little Doll Wardrobe *link*

Kidkraft Doll Wardrobe *Link*

Queens Treasure Pink Bedroom Trunk & Furniture *Link*

Queen's Treasure Victorian Wardrobe Armoire Trunk, Storage  *link*

Queens Treasure Purple Wardrobe Trunk for 15 inch dolls *Link*

Queen's Treasure Pretty in Pink Storage Trunk *Link*

Queen's Treasure Pink Doll Steamer Trunk *Link*

Queen's Treasure Mahogany Deluxe Doll Trunk and Vanity *Link*

Queen's Treasure White Deluxe Doll Trunk and Vanity *link*

I found this picture somewhere wanted to take this and go with it...But then I thought what do I do with the crate (and some points of the year those crates are hard to find unless its back to school time) so I picked up a cube organizer like you can find at Target... I thought it would make a great window seat for Skylar's dolls and cats.. 

My daughter has this shelving (found at Target) in her room and we use plenty of the canvas bins (also at Target, Family Dollar, Dollar General, and more). Then I picked up some of the canvas cube things you can typically get one for 7.99. I have one canvas cube for each (Historical, GOTY, JLY, Non AG clothes & customs, Bitty clothes, and custom boy clothes) Then I made a graphic of each outfit and some of them I even made a second one for a check list to tell me what was missing, what I was ISO, what I paid for it etc and a nice description of each item... printed them out on card stock and put one outfit per gallon zip lock bag with the "outfit card" and then stick them in the canvas cube thing as pictured... Now my nice cube organizer is holding all of them I have uploaded all the outfit cards to my photobucket account so you can print them out yourself and use them too! There are 6 pages here I know one of my AG friends here was wanting to do this too!

We've outgrown the white cube and the clothing has now moved into a 9 cube organizer and we still have too much to fit. 
You can buy these amazing racks on Etsy or find plans to build them yourself.
The left is an Ikea hack the right is a used dresser.

Of course you can use any tension rod on a cube storage or shelf..

Ana White has plans on how to make this perfect for AG wardrobe.. *link*
I really need to pick up a jewelry organizer or make up travel organizer myself to make this awesome shoe and accessory organizer
The blogger on Overstuffed Life said I have used over-the-door shoe organizers for organizing various things with great success, so that is what I first thought of. Unfortunately, the door in the playroom is small, and it is too short for the organizer to hang on, so I hung it on hooks on the wall instead. I gathered up all of the American Girl clothes, and with the girls' help, sorted them so that everything from each outfit was together. While watching TV, I then put them each into a shoe pocket. We had more clothes than would fit in the organizer (big surprise there!), so we put the rest into the American Girl Keepsake box that we already had. Notice that everything is labeled. It may seem silly and anal to do so much labeling, but trust me. It is worth it! My children respond excellently to labeling, and things stay organized so much longer! And even if they get super messy again, it's much easier to get it put back together when everything has a place and those places are labeled
I agree about the labeling its brilliant.. okay an addicting!

Simple labeled plastic drawers available in all sizes.. 
Wall shelf with a rod for clothing storage. My daughter and I decided this was a bit not for us.. but perhaps it works for you *Link*

Shower of Roses has this beautiful idea.. *link* 

I saw this beauty for auction locally and sadly I didn't win it :(

I can't find it now but wanted to post this idea I saw a local lady post. (its a hutch from a desk that they turned into a "wardrobe" by adding a bar across the inside) Dolls can go on top & clothes/accessories/etc everywhere else.

^ That one just looks horrific to me haha :)

Photo Credit *MissAG Ashlynn

Custom Storage *link*
Under The Bed Storage idea *LINK*
Doll House Tour and Organization *Link*

and of course anyone that sells Thirty One Gifts can tell you what great items Thirty One Gifts can help with organizing your American Girl.

Now organizing and display of the actual dolls?
* Never leave your dolls in a sitting position for an extended length it will stretch out their limbs and make them become "loose legged"
*Never leave your doll in a particular hairstyle for an extended period of time unless you plan on keeping them in their meet style.
*Doll Stands

These above have by far been my favorite ideas on how to display the dolls. I have been looking for a nice shelf big enough to hold our dolls like the one above. I believe it was bought at Pottery Barn.
Doll Stands pictured can be bought on or in store.. many other stores carry doll stands.
Photo Credit:

I am told that these hooks are inexpensive and available at Walmart or other home improvement stores or easily made.. I am not sure how good these are on their arms I haven't spoken to American Girl about it but American Girl does sell single doll wall hangers (see below).

Underbed storage by Thirty One Gifts. Would a plastic one work as well?

Read more here *link*

Starry Doll Holder $24
My American Girl® dolls are displayed or held for safekeeping on this holder. It features:
  • Transparent star design works with any d├ęcor
  • Metal hooks go under doll's arms to keep her safely in place
  • Mounting screws

Now drool over this amazing collection
Amanda Jo Hyland had a special Amish cabinet made for her collection-

 part 1 Hats and Dresses!

  part 2 tops, bottoms and undergarments

part 3 Socks and Hair Accessories

Jo Hyland had a special Amish cabinet made for her collection- part 4 Coats, shoes and more shoes and accessories!

 part 5 more shoes

Be sure to share with us your ideas and you can even send me pictures to

As soon as I figure out how to deal with intensive pictures I will be doing a post on dollhouse ideas! 

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  1. Organizing and storing all our AG doll clothes is a constant struggle. I saw some great ideas here that I hadn't thought of before.